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The Don Gutteridge Poetry Award

Don Gutteridge Poetry Prize

Published by Wet Ink Books

$2,500.00 for the best

unpublished poetry ms by a Canadian poet.

•  The winner will receive $2,500.00 (CND$) and 50 copies of the finished published book and will be featured in the magazine Devour: Art & Lit Canada with 7 poems, bio and bio pic.  See Devour on line at:

•   The 3 runners up will be offered a publishing contract and will be featured in the magazine, Devour: Art and Lit Canada, with 5 poems, bio and bio pic.

•   MS must be new, previously unpublished poems.

(25% of the ms content can be previously published

 in journals, magazines, anthologies, blogs, etc.) 

(0% of the ms content can be previously published

 in previous books by the author.)

•   Length – MS must be a minimum of 60 poetry pages.

•   The Judge – Don Gutteridge will be the sole judge.

•   Mail – Your finished ms will be mailed to:

                        Mr. Don Gutteridge

                        230 Victoria Street,

                        London ON N6A 2C2

      (ms will not be returned)

      (do not send submission fee to this address, see below)

•  Include – With your mailed ms include a cover letter that includes: your full name, your mailing address, phone numbers, your email address and proposed title of book. In your letter indicate how you paid your $25 entry fee. Indicate your cheque number or eTransfer confirmation number.

•   Submission Date – The award will begin receiving submissions on: October 01, 2021.

•   Deadline – The deadline for the 2022 award is:

                             December 15, 2021.

•  Announcing Winners – The winner and three runners up will be announced on:

                              February 15, 2022.

•   Entry Fee – $25.00 CND$ Entry fee will be mailed to:

                Wet Ink Books

                408 – 5 Greystone Walk Drive

                Toronto, Ontario

                M1K 5J5


                eTransfer to: WetInkBooks @ gmail. com