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That Not Forgotten

That Not Forgotten




Bruce Kauffman,


Editor: Bruce Kauffman,

Title: That Not Forgotten

ISBN: 978-1-927725-75-7 = 9781927725757 – Soft cover

Trade Paperback: 230 pages – 6 X 9 

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $24.95

Genre: Fiction, Novel, Canadian

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That Not Forgotten, an over 300 page anthology, contains a breathtaking
panorama of voice and language coming from the pen of 120 authors
placed on the pages within. The book, itself, is sectioned into five thematic
sections with art at the beginning of each section.


Back Cover Review:


The poetic voices in That Not Forgotten have rallied together to paint a deeply personal portrait hand-tipped with nostalgia. The pulse of Lake Ontario’s north shore is felt on every page. Mimicking the historic and contemporary landscape, the pendulum swings from seasoned bards to freshly scratched voices worthy of an undivided eye.   


Ashliegh Gehl

Open Book: Ontario



That Not Forgotten,

part of the Hidden Brook Press,

North Shore Series,

will easily be one of the most important

Ontario anthologies of its time.




Written Word Contributors: (alphabetically by first name): A. Gregory Frankson (aka
Ritallin), Amber Potter, Andrew Scott, Anne Graham, Anne Nielsen, Ashley-Elizabeth Best,
Barbara Erochina, Bethmarie Michalska, Bob MacKenzie, Brandon Crilly, Brent Raycroft,
Bruce Kauffman, Carla Hatsfield, Carole TenBrink, Carolyn Smart, Carolyn You, Christine Miscione, Clara Langley, Coreen
Covert, Cori Mayhew, David Malone, David Sheffield, Denise Hamilton, Diane Dawber, Diane Taylor, Donna-lee Iffla, Eliot
Kane, Elizabeth Greene, Eriana Marcus, Eric Folsom, Felicity Sidnell Reid, Gabrielle Santyr, Gary William Rasberry, Gene
Rankin (aka Eugene Cornacchia), gillian harding-russell, Gina Hanlon, Gloria Taylor, Greg Bell, Heather Browne, Honey
Novick, Hugh Walter Barclay, Ian Hanna, James Medd, Jan Allen, Jason Heroux, Jeanette Lynes, Jennie McCaugherty, Jessica
Marion Barr, Joan Wilding, Joanne Light, Joanne Page, Joanne Walton Paterson, John Donlan, John Lazarus, John
Pigeau, Joshua Jia, K. V. Skene, Kali Carys, Kathleen Moritz, Kathryn MacDonald, Kathy Figueroa, Kelly Rose Pflug-Back,
Kin Man Young Tai, Kirsteen MacLeod, Kristin Andrychuk, Lara Szabo Greisman, Laura Dyer, Lauren Hearnden, Laurie
Lewis, Leah Murray, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Lee-Ann Taras, Linda Allison Stevenson, Lindy Mechefske, Louise
O’Donnell, Lucy Barnett, Lynn Tait, Mansoor Behnam, Martina Hardwick, Matthew Reesor, Matthew Shultz, Matthew Sinclair,
Michael Casteels, Michael Hurley, Mieke Little, Morgan Wade, Nicholas Papaxanthos, Norma Chakrabarty, Patricia Henderson,
Patricia Sullivan, Paul Kelley, Philomene Kocher, Phyllis Erwin, Rich Tyo, Roger Dorey, Rose DeShaw, Ruth Buckley, Ruth Clarke,
Sadiqa de Meijer, Sage Irwin, Sandra Alland, Sandra J. Walton, Sarah Richardson, Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang, Shane Joseph, Sonja
Grgar, Steven Heighton, Stuart Ross, Susan Olding, Tapanga Koe, Tara Kainer, Terry Ann Carter, Theodore Christou, Tim Murphy,
Ursula Pflug, Veronic J Atkinson, Vivekanand Jha, and Walter Lloyd.