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Power and Possessions

Power and Possessions




James Ronson


Author: James Ronson

Title: Power and Possessions

ISBN: 978‐1‐927725‐22‐1 = 9781927725221 – Soft cover

Trade Paperback: 360 pages – 6 X 9 

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $26.95

Genre: Fiction, Novel, Canadian

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15 Words –
Do crimes of power and possession always lead to deadly consequences? James Ronson thinks so.

38 Words –
A passion for work is one thing, crimes of passion quite another. Romance, drama and deep dark secrets
are an integral part of this exciting novel that revolves around a romantic triangle which leads to death
and destruction.

59 Words –
In this story of power and possessions, lust and desire create a deadly combination of crime and murder.
Frank Cullen’s world appears to be falling apart. He is in danger of losing his wife, his son, his company
and his millionaire mansion. Who kills who for what, is the question when power and possessions
dominate husband, wife and lovers.

82 Words –
In the stormy world of power and possessions the high stakes of the “computer gaming world” intersect
with the “fine art world”, with murderous results. Frank Cullen has a passion for business and a passion
for his wife. Frank’s wife, Julie Cullen, a PhD archaeologist, meets an intriguing artist. Julie finds herself
caught in a dilemma; to return to her husband, or to form an exciting yet dangerous relationship with
this new man in her life. Someone gets killed – find out who.



Power and Possessions is an outstanding read that combines both romance and crime. It explores the
worlds of gaming, art and archaeology through characters that are sometimes devious and always
entertaining. A strong first novel.

Doug Ronson,
former editor, Kingston Whig Standard, newspaper
James Ronson’s impressive debut novel, Power and Possessions, is a tale worth telling, told by a writer
who knows how the heart beats and the blood boils—and how lives can be shattered and salvaged
because of it.

Steve King
former CBC book reviewer.
Weekly column for the Barnes and Noble Review.
Lit web host