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Hidden Brook Press publishes mostly Canadian royalty / trade edition books.  We have no specific mandate of how many books per year or what genre, though we do publish, Novels, Poetry, Memoirs, Art Books, and more.

Please send, by email, your first 2 chapters of your finished manuscript with a short bio, and a synopsis of your book. Tell us who your target audience is. Send to hiddenbrookpress @

We have a selection committee that looks at all manuscripts so sometimes it will take a while for us to get back to you. While it might take a number of months for us to get back to you we will eventually be in touch. The ms pile is tall.

Because we are a small publisher we only accept FINISHED ms for publication. We do not have any editorial or copy edit staff. The author is responsible for producing the finished ms. BUT that said we do work with a number of freelance editors and copy editors. If one of our editors accepts working with you then we will guarantee to publish your book. If you use your own freelance editor we would be happy to consider your ms but we do not have any guarantees that your book will be published.

While we do publish some contracted books every year they are most often books for the academic and USA market place. All of our Canadian Literature series are royalty / trade edition books.

Please send finished manuscripts via email to

Call 647-872-1616 for more information.