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Theodore Michael Christou is an Associate Professor of Social Studies and History Education, with a cross appointment to the Department of History in Queen’s University’s Faculty of Arts and Science. He began his professional teaching career as an elementary school teacher in Scarborough with the Toronto District School Board. Following a circuitous path, Theodore returned to the academy to pursue doctoral studies in history of education. Dr. Christou commenced his academic course on the tenure track in Fredericton at the University of New Brunswick in 2009. In July 2012, that course led westwards, back to Kingston, Ontario, and to Queen’s University.


Dr. Christou’s teaching at Queen’s extends to several disciplines; in particular, he concentrates upon history of education, philosophy of education, social studies, and the theory and practice of history. His research, which spans several fields – history, philosophy, curriculum, and teacher education – is tied together by two questions: a) What is an education for?, and b) How might we imagine an education individual? These questions are bound by historical, as well as contemporary, context and complexities.


Theodore has written academic articles and books, school textbooks, and he has edited numerous scholarly collections and refereed journals. To breathe, he writes poetry, probing self in relation to the other and ersonal history, mundane and meandering.

Theodore Christou

Theodore Christou