Soul Journey

Through writings on our nationally and personally shared experiences, Way crafts a new and unique genre of sonnet truly Canadian in form and subject matter. Redirection remolds and reconsiders life’s shared small moments and our national history, in unexpected instants of laughter, grand epiphanies of the divine in everyday life, and the palatable mourning for loved ones lost. Way ferries us through his exploration of the structure of the Canadian sonnet utilizing a variety of crafts for his prose including lyric, free verse, haiku, and line break structure, all embodying and playfully restructuring the formation of his new style. A memorable collection that is inhabited by former and current prime ministers, war heroes, and biologists plagued with doubt, alongside reflections on adolescence, humorous laments for former exotic pet owners, and stirring accounts of lovers and family members of days past. An emotional and intellectual journey for the Canadian literary soul.

- Alexandre den Broeder