Meticulous detail and authenticity

Alone: A Winter In The Woods – Sidnell Reid recreates, with meticulous detail and authenticity, the atmosphere and the daunting challenge that existed for the first pioneers, struggling to carve out a life in the remote, vibrant and spectacular Canadian outback that existed back in 1797. This delightfully descriptive book tells the ‘pioneer story’ through the eyes of two young people, a thirteen year old teenager, John, and a young lady from Montreal, Josephine Fontaine, who is trying to make a fresh start in Upper Canada.

This book will draw you in and bond you to the characters, their animals and their surroundings. It is a wonderful expression of the life that existed for the early settlers and native peoples of the time. From pioneer log cabin construction to maple syrup making, livestock care, dogs, wolves, chickens, cows, calves, porcupines, geese, carpetbaggers and hustlers– this story is a gem for understanding the early history of the pioneers and the important role the Native Peoples played in helping them survive.

- Mary Norton is the CEO of Cramahe Public Library