Historic magic of Manitoulin

Norma West Linder has written a tale imbued with the historic magic of Manitoulin, a place alive from the ancient of days with spirit power. A perfect setting for adventure and self-discovery. Complex issues of modern families are solved with surprise and love, even the bullying too many encounter has a rewarding and fun solution. These issues unfold for young readers in a totally acceptable and insightful fashion, just the answers children expect to vision honestly. A directness Norma West Linder has mastered. There is humour lighting spirit-growth in every section. The illustrations are charmingly endearing, capturing the essence of each adventure. The Pastel Planet has all the ingredients of a satisfying, lasting story: underlying worries many children find hard to express, pleasing solutions, marvellous adventure, magic and mystery to keep the reader entranced until the last words, lessons treasured. Love, laughter and satisfying conclusions, all we yearn for. A delightful book.

- Katherine L. Gordon

Poet, Publisher, Literary Judge and Reviewer