Children, parents and grandparents alike will love Robbie Raccoon

Irene Davidson‐Fisher’s book takes us on a nighttime reconnoiter with two young raccoons hunting down the source of an enticing, sweet smell. Children may recognize themselves in Robbie, the one prepared to chance their mother’s wrath and any potential danger or Ricki, his
reluctant sidekick, who wants to remain safe at home. Davidson‐Fisher’s narrative accurately reveals raccoons’ curious nature as they sneak up on the campfire scene, staying safely out of view.

Robbie’s determination, at all costs, drives the story forward while his brother’s continual reluctance to proceed and the presence of humans adds needed tension to the story. Throughout the book, Carolyn Johnstone’s illustrations support and bring to life the amusing storyline of the masked campfire raiders.

Children, parents and grandparents alike will love Robbie Raccoon, and the Big Black Blob.

- Wendie Donabie

Artist & Writer Co‐Chair, Muskoka Authors Association