Audacious originality

I was introduced to April Bulmer’s poetry eight years ago. When I first heard her read aloud, I was gob smacked by the audacious originality of her work. Who else but April would dedicate a book of poetry about reincarnation and featuring Jesus to her dog Lichee, “her sweet Oriental soul? Who else but April could make this seem entirely natural and right, really, the only way?

Do not read this book expecting to be lulled to sleep, as a dreamy walk through the Lake country with a Canadian bard like Wordsworth holding your hand. No! You’ll get whacked and roused by the effrontery and hard playing edges to her language. “It speaks the weep.”

These poems will wake you up, rattle your cage, mess with your head. April Bulmer takes you by the lapels and shakes you with her turbulent, violent, unseemly, and perfect vocabulary. You may be unsettled by her work, but I guarantee, you will not forget it.

- Lee Anne Johnston, author of Seemly Justice