Agony and ecstasy

The Texture of Days In Leaf and Ash – Here is a poet who pays rapt attention to both the agony and ecstasy of being alive, who hears not only “crystalline echoes/of empty hearts/calling,” but also gazes with wonder at the “multicoloured forest/of mirror/and glass.”  Bruce Kauffman doesn’t establish his voice as a grand authority, but rather, as a seeker, a sojourner; his is a poetry of both wisdom, negative capability, yet also humility, a poetic world in which the flowers in the window box “understood the rain/far better than i.”  The cosmos is bigger, older, and wiser, and Kauffman gives himself over to its rhythms, both dark and light.

- Jeanette Lynes

author of The New Blue Distance, The Factory Voice and 5 collections of poetry