The Best Present Ever

The Best Present Ever



Irene Davidson-Fisher




Author: Irene Davidson-Fisher

Title: The Best Present Ever

ISBN: 978-1-927725-51-1

Hard Cover / Case Bound: 35 pages

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $24.95

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The Best Present Ever is a touching fictional Christmas story to help children and their parents answer the question about why there are so many Santas. Elizabeth is confused about all the Santas she sees and asks herself questions…  Why are there so many Santas? Is Santa real? Where does he live? Why does Elsa call Santa Claus, Kriss Kringle? Elizabeth draws her own conclusions from the story her Grandma tells her and learns that Christmas is more about giving than receiving.





“The Best Present Ever is an enchanting story about the true meaning of Christmas. Through Elizabeth’s inquisitive eyes, the reader learns a history of generosity and goodwill and begins to understand what Christmas is really about.  A great book with a positive message to share with your children this Holiday Season.”

Stacey Freeland -Viarruel

B.A. Psych, R.E.C.E.

Centre Supervisor for Colwell Nursery School and Kindergarten



The Best Present Ever is a delightful Christmas story with an important message for children and adults alike.

Christmas excitement was everywhere when young Elizabeth and her grandmother walked the shopping malls looking for gifts. All the stores were decorated with glittering lights and brightly-coloured balls. There was Christmas music, and even a parade. There were Santas in red suits at every mall. Each Santa was different. Some had bushy white beards, others long and soft silvery ones. Some were rotund and jolly, others thin and grumpy. Elizabeth begins to wonder: “Why are there so many Santas?” If there are so many Santas does a real one even exist?

These are questions that come to every child at some point, and Elizabeth discovers the answer when her grandmother tells her a story. Elizabeth learns that there are many Santas who help people remember the spirit of giving. So Santa lives inside all people who are generous and giving. For Elizabeth that lesson is the best Christmas present of all.

Jim Poling

Sr. Journalist & Author



Join Elizabeth in the pages of The Best Present Ever as she discovers the best part of Christmas. The Best Present Ever is a fully illustrated, charming and insightful Christmas story that embraces all the moments we love during the Christmas Season. It is a book to share with the ones you love.

Sharon Lawrence

Educator/Non-fiction Writer

Irene Fisher

Irene Fisher

Irene Davidson Fisher is the author of "Robbie Raccoon and the Big Black Blob" and "The Best Present Ever".