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Sweet Cuba




Title: Sweet Cuba The Building of a Poetic Tradition: 1608-1958 / Forja de una tradición poética: 1608-1958

Languages: English and Spanish in one book

Editor: Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León

Translators: Manuel de Jesús Velázquez León and John B. Lee

ISBN: 978-1-897475-53-9

Trade Paperback: 400 pages

Suggested Retail : $32.95

Co-published by: Canada Cuba Literary Alliance (CCLA) and Hidden Brook Press (HBP).

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  400 pages

Sweet Cuba is the most significant book of translated Cuban poetry ever published. It will remain of dominant importance in Cuba’s poetic history for decades to come. Cuban poetry has never had such a thorough and precise translation as is presented here in this collection.

Sweet Cuba es el libro de poesía cubana traducida más significativo que haya sido publicado. Será de importancia relevante en la historia poética de Cuba por décadas. La poesía cubana nunca ha tenido una traducción tan precisa y cabal como la que esta antología ofrece.


Apart from a few known writers, Cuban poetry is a mystery to us. To have it so brilliantly translated by John B. Lee and Manuel Velázquez is indeed a gift. They translate the poetic history of that astonishing island with a master’s hand.

Rosemary Sullivan,

author of “Cuba – Grace Under Pressure”

Con la excepción de unos pocos poetas conocidos, la poesía cubana es un misterio para nosotros. Tenerla tan brillantemente traducida por John B. Lee y Manuel Velázquez es ciertamente un obsequio. Ellos traducen la historia poética de esa isla asombrosa con mano maestra.

Rosemary Sullivan,

autora de Cuba – Grace Under Pressure


The paradox of Sweet Cuba is the fragile poetic bridges that yearn to connect Marti’s metaphorical yoke with stars that are within and beyond the reach of language. These poems record the dialectic between the romantic possibilities and phenomenal impossibilities that are the poignant story of Cuba, and nothing is lost in translation.

Linda Rogers,

Victoria Poet Laureate

La paradoja de Sweet Cuba es la de los frágiles puentes poéticos que ansían conectar el yugo metafórico de Martí con estrellas que están dentro y más allá del alcance del lenguaje. Estos poemas exploran la dialéctica entre las posibilidades románticas y las imposibilidades fenomenales que constituyen la conmovedora historia de Cuba, y nada se pierde en la traducción.

Linda Rogers,

Poetiza Laureada de Victoria


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John B. Lee

John B. Lee

In 2005 John B. Lee was inducted as Poet Laureate of Brantford in perpetuity. The same year he received the distinction of being named Honourary Life Member of The Canadian Poetry Association. He lives in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada where he works as a full time author.