Stories Inked

Stories Inked


Kimberley Sherman Grove and Judy Geller


Author: Kimberley Elizabeth Sherman Grove and Judy Geller

Title: Stories Inked

ISBN: 97978-1-897475-56-0

Trade Paperback: 140 pages

Suggested Retail (Paperback): $24.95

E-Stores: Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Indigo and other e-stores worldwide.

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Since 1880, ORT’s mission has been focused on empowerment through education, a pragmatic education enabling the recipient to obtain meaningful employment. ORT originated in Russia, the catalyst being the abolishment of serfdom. A few visionary leaders created ORT for the sole purpose of ‘helping those to help themselves.’ Instead of providing money, they provided education to those willing to learn. The old concept of Teach a person to fish and they will be able to fish for life remains to this day.

The inspiring transformation and heart-warming stories told in Stories Inked are almost all inextricably linked to the transformative work of ORT. The stories tell much about the human spirit, how given an opportunity it can soar above a past that tried to obliterate it.

It is our hope that you will find a particular story that will resonate with you.

Kimberley Grove

Kimberley Grove

Kimberley Elizabeth Sherman Grove has taught creative writing at Loyalist College, the University of Ciego de Avila, in Cuba, the Colborne Community Care Centre, and the Trenton Military base.