Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life

Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life





Title Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life

Author – Richard M. Grove

Genre – Short Stories / Canadian

ISBN – 978-1-894553-80-3 = 9781894553803

Onix Record Reference # – 005-PanP-2008-80-3

Publisher – Panegyric Press

Publisher Contact Info – 905-376-9106,


Pages – 84     Retail Price$15.95        Barcode – Back Cover EAN13

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Some would say Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life is existential psycho babble written by a troubled mind. Others would say, even though the protagonist sticks a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, that this collection of poems and short stories is a profound statement about living.


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Even though Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life has a complicated existential leaning it has it humourous side. In the story “The Glen Manor Inn” a rustic old house is burned to the ground. Everyone got out safe including the naked lady that was fleeing the building – “… and the image of Mrs. Norman’s alabaster bum dashing down the lane into the dark bushes.” stood out as a fun moment. “H – E – Double Hockey Sticks” is a profound story of life about an abused boy who writes a letter of forgiveness on a paper sail boats and lets his anxiety drift down the river out of sight. This collection of short stories is sprinkled with some profoundly well written poems that will make the reader wonder about the complications of life and how they shape our being. The book ends with the story “Cold Steel” where a tired, beaten-by-life character, puts the barrel of a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. “Sucking air through the barrel he slowly, ever so slowly, with deliberate hesitation pulls the trigger. This time all the way.”  This story of despair will make every reader realize that there is something to live for.


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Richard M. Grove writes Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life in a unique and refreshing voice. He constructs a wonderful personality in a narrator who comes across as both interesting and pleasing to read. His dialogue is natural and never seems forced. Yet this craftsmanship is not merely limited to the narrator, as Grove creates (or perhaps captures) an ensemble of characters who are fashioned with a skillful and sensitive hand. Every character, lovable or otherwise, is brimming with life and seems hardly contained within the page.

This is a collection about life. It is about growth and about the journey along the way, where one may not always find the answers being sought after, but will continue to search. The characters either find answers or they don’t, they grow or they don’t, but either way they must journey forward. These are stories about moving on, about beginnings and endings, which Grove bluntly points out in one of the interspersed poems, writing, “The more things end/The more we find ourselves at the start”. There is never an ending without a new beginning. This makes the medium of the book, which is a collection of short stories and poetry, an appropriate reflection of the themes held within.

Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life is full of stops and starts, but the overwhelming feeling of the natural procession of things is never lost. There is a tremendous emphasis placed upon the passing of time. It even pervades the very setting, where “Clouds wander gracefully from the northeast over spring-filled hills. Toes tap to a song that swims through mind like a leaf gliding on glistening ripples of a gentle creek.” The clouds are moving slowly forward, and toes tap a rhythm that may only exist in the mind, but still counts out time as surely as the undulations of a swaying pendulum. The reader is never free from the constant ticking of the clock, placing each second steadily behind us. The stories must continue, and do so with turns both serious and comical, making the book a delightful and enjoyable read.


Anthony Donnelly

Author, Editor


Psycho Babble and the Consternations of Life is written in the voice of hope. Sad and frustrating moments turned my thought to the value of life.

James T. Fisher

Author, teacher


This is a thought provoking, well crafted book, that will make you stop and realize that life is worth living and we are all in a better place than what suicide can offer.

Jill Anderson,

High school teacher, reader and want-to-be writer





Richard (Tai) Grove

Richard (Tai) Grove

Richard Grove was born into an artist family in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on October 7, 1953. He is a writer, editor, publisher. With his wife Kim they run a B&B in Presqu'ile Provincial Park.