In the Muddy Shoes of Morning

In the Muddy Shoes of Morning

By John B. Lee


Title: In the Muddy Shoes of Morning

Author: John B. Lee

ISBN: 978-1-897475-64-5

Trade Paperback: 118 pages

Suggested Retail: $16.95


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“In the Muddy Shoes of Morning!” is a wonderful book of poems- I see here the influences of your years on the farm, and this newer influence of the lake!

So far, three poems that stand out for me are: In the Muddy Shoes of Morning, The Weakening, and Learning the Dead Man’s Float.  I see a strong theme of mortality in these poems. Perhaps I can identify with “The Weakening” because I see so much of the gulls here by the river, and, In many ways, I like them.

Your description of the helpless gull dying in the sand, creates an image perhaps of our own “weakening” and death, with our lives cast into wind and wave with so little evidence that we were ever here.

Learning the dead man’s float also speaks to the fragility of life- how we cling to the memory of “connection” with another human, even if it is only the grasp of a very small hand.

I’m reading a few poems each day- I want to savour these lovely, haunting words that only John Lee can sculpt and join and create.

– Mary Ann Mulhern

Mary Ann Mulhern’s latest book is: Sleeping with Satan, Salem Witch-hunt, 1692.
Sleeping with Satan was launched November 4, 2010.
When Angels Weep was short-listed for the Acorn-Plantos Award, 2009.

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John B. Lee

John B. Lee

In 2005 John B. Lee was inducted as Poet Laureate of Brantford in perpetuity. The same year he received the distinction of being named Honourary Life Member of The Canadian Poetry Association. He lives in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada where he works as a full time author.