In a Fragile Moment

In a Fragile Moment




M.Sc. Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias


Author: Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias

Title: In a Fragile Moment: A Landscape of Canadian Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-927725-92-4

Trade Paperback: 240 pages – 7 X 10

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In a Fragile Moment: A Landscape of Canadian Poetry is a significant study of Canadian poetry. When was the last time that you can recall a project of this range? This perceptive book truly is a one of a kind.



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In a Fragile Moment: A Landscape of Canadian Poetry is an insightful collection of essays and reviews, written from the poetic heart of Professor Olivé. The authors covered in this astute critical study are treated with heart felt respect. Professor Olivé has the uncanny ability to portray his incisive observations in a poetic and perceptive manner.


This is a significant study of 31 Canadian writers:


Milton Acorn

Merle Amodeo

Margaret Atwood

Katharine Beeman

Allan Briesmaster

Patrick Connors

James Deahl

Antony Di Nardo

  1. Graham Ducker

Kate Marshall Flaherty

Katherine L. Gordon

Kimberley Grove

Richard M. Grove

Don Gutteridge

Lala Heine-Koehn

Keith Inman

Bruce Kauffman

Donna Langevin

John B. Lee

Norma West Linder

Kathryn MacDonald

Lisa Makarchuk

Bruce Meyer

Colin Morton

Marvin Orbach

Deborah Panko

Al Purdy

Sarah Richardson

Linda Rogers

Glen Sorestad

Anna Yin


Comments by Colleagues of Professor Olivé:  


I want to comment about two elements regarding Professor Olivé´s book. First of all, his reviews, which are the main contribution he makes. Our English major´s curricular program includes the study of Canadian culture in senior years; but it is also taught in other majors. I had never read, comprised in a single material, information complementing in such a novel, detailed way what our students receive in class; but most of all inviting so passionately to read and enjoy poetry.

The book gives us contemporary Canadian poetry written in a more or less eighty-year span, from Olivé´s unique vision. He shows his skills and knowledge as a Stylistics professor in analyzing those aspects that will help us understand, appreciate and take delight in the poetry he presents to us. Each review should be included in debates of Canadian poetry and poets in our university. There are poets, styles and approaches to choose freely from, and he helps us to make the choices.

Secondly, I have to refer to Olivé´s style and language in his reviews. He was my student more than thirty years ago. He always excelled in language practice for his linguistic command and thirst to learn. That he bravely decided to cross language barriers and venture to publish in English, impresses me but does not come as a surprise: he can do it and his style is expressive, clear, informed, good I would say from my own limited mastery of the English language.

As his former professor, now his colleague and friend, I feel pride in seeing my student write fluently, full-heartedly and comfortably a book in English, for an English-speaking public, and for poets who will read him. That is, all in one, commendation, achievement and reward enough.


PhD Pedro Antonio Machín de Armas

Full Professor. Holguín University, Cuba

Major´s Head Professor

Deputy Chairman of the Teacher Education English Department



I was Professor Olivé´s student fifteen years ago, now his colleague, boss and friend. He is one of the most respected professors we have had, together with other names – Manuel Velázquez is one of them. The book Olivé brought to my consideration is relevant for many reasons. One, it is a privilege for our Department to have someone who writes and publishes in English. Not everyone does it, or dares to.

Two, the reviews he wrote are a contribution to our English major, to our lessons and to general readings about Canadian literature. The book will surely, ought to, be included for reference in the University´s Canadian Studies Department.

Three, I read the reviews and noticed the same I did when I was his student: his unending drive to speak and write in English and make us fall in love with language learning and poetry reading.


PhD Julio César Rodríguez Peña

Associate Professor. Holguín University, Cuba

Chairman of the Teacher Education English Department



The book my friend and colleague gave me for appraisal is concrete proof of his language command and his long-standing interest in poetry. It is a necessary book, which expands your cultural targets and spiritual needs. You enjoy the way it is written, the roads of poetry it leads you through, the wealth before your eyes in thirty-six reviews and thirty-one poets who even in their individuality have a coherent link, that of great pleasure in the discovery of their internal beauty revealed by Olivé with unmistakable style, fluent language, evident commitment, and much passion.

Each article is Canada, timeless, large and breathtaking in its geographical and poetic vastness. I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the poets and poems mentioned.


Assistant Professor Eladoy Oliveros Díaz

Holguín University, Cuba

English Language Head Professor

of the Teacher Education English Major



I read Professor Olivé´s review book with joy, interest and admiration. I did not get bored or tired. I was fascinated by his elegance in writing, his command of the language and his own manner to give us insights of Canadian poetry. His method of analysis is welcome and revealing, retaining both the quality of well-studied poems and his choice of words to let us see beyond the poets´ creation. He made me remember my student days. I thank Olivé for his book. I expect it to be used in our classes, together with a reading of the poems he so passionately writes about.


MSc Katiuska Ceballos Bauta

Associate Professor. Holguín University, Cuba

Guidance Professor of the Teacher Education English Major


Being Professor Olivé´s friend does not cloud my objective judgment of the book he has kindly asked me to talk about. I am so proud of what my former teacher and now colleague has been able to write. My college years put emphasis on our cultural formation. It included a detailed imparting of the literature of the English-speaking nations. What Olivé has compacted in his review book is a valuable complement and varied proposal for my grad learning.

Canada has always been in our lives one way or the other: friends we make on the beach, exchange students and colleagues, research projects and subjects dealing with Canada, international events we attend. Olivé has used his writing skills to display for us a Canada we are not so familiar with: its contemporary poetry, its distinguished poets. The way I see it, this book must be in the university´s stock dedicated to the study of English. I thank him for his talent to teach the language, for teaching us how to teach it and for this formidable book.


BEd Marisela Rodríguez Calzadilla

Associate Professor. Holguín University, Cuba

Guidance Professor of the Teacher Education English Major



Evidently, Professor Olivé has always been able to work his way through poetry. He finds inspiration in anything and he does it well. I am one of the few students who could read his early poetry and prose. The very minute I read the former, I truly considered it deserved to be published. Regarding prose, and these literary essays he has written, I am convinced they have to be published too, and I will find a way to use them in class once the book goes public. Canada is a component of our curricular contents.

On behalf of all his former students, who will always be highly indebted to his teachings, I dare say that we will always account for his professional work in every possible way. Saying that this review book is well written, a pleasure to read and quite a must if we are willing to know about Canadian poetry today, is one direct and earnest way to do so. Thank you, Professor Olivé, for this book.


MSc Guillermo Ronda Velázquez

Associate Professor. Havana University, Cuba

Head English Language Professor


Miguel Angel Olive Inglesias

Miguel Angel Olive Inglesias

Miguel Ángel Olivé Iglesias is Editor-in-chief of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance (CCLA) magazine “The Ambassador”, also Assistant Editor of The Envoy newsletter, and CCLA President in Cuba.