Grandmother, Mother and Me: Memories, Poetry, and Good Food

Grandmother, Mother and Me: Memories, Poetry, and Good Food



Editor – Donna Clark Goodrich


ISBN: 978-1897475805

Trade Paperback: 301 pages

Publication Date: Oct 1, 2012

Suggested Retail (Paperback/EBook): $23.95


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Grandmother, Mother and Me

Memories, Poetry, and Good Food

is a perfect gift for any mother or grandmother. It is a touching collection of short stories, poems and recipes about grandmothers and mothers. It is truly a loving tribute.

Read this warm and inviting book aloud at the dining room table with the whole family. It will make young and old laugh and cry.

It will make a fine Christmas gift that will give joy for years to come.

In loving tribute to our
Grandmothers and Mothers
for their fostering,
for their encouragement.



This book is a companion book to Grandfather, Father and Me


Mama knew the way to a man’s heart, and to her kid’s tummies, too. Donna Clark Goodrich has brought together a wonderful collection of recipes and remembrances of mamas and grandmas. She’s gathered interesting stories from writers, and I’ll also compliment Hidden Brook Press for doing such a nice job of presenting its publications. The book is Quality, and so makes a lovely gift for family and friends. Of course, I’ll show everyone my poem “Mother’s Hands” which describes how her hands changed over the years — from strong and capable, to misshapen with arthritis and weak. She grew strong in faith. It was a blessing to put my thoughts onto paper for her, and now it’s a blessing to have “Grandmother, Mother, and Me: Memories, Poetry and Good Food” to pass along what’s important for each of us……our mothers……our grandmothers.

 Elaine Hardt



I’ve had a chance to look at Grandmother, Mother and Me – nicely done! So much love contained in those pages, and such variety of expression. It’s a wonderful service you offer.   Diane T.

Table of Contents

Memories of My Mother

Chocolate Fixes Anything – Connie Poole-Wesala – p. 3
Mother Dear – Dorothy Wells – p. 7
Mama and the Writing Box – Freda Hatfield Tong – p. 9
Mama Said – Donna Collins Tinsley – p. 11
What’s in a Word? – Diane Taylor –p. 14
Daily Meal Time, Almost Lost in Today’s World –
Juanita Wier Nobles – p. 17
Perfumed Pride – Sherrie Ward Murphree – p. 21
A Daughter’s Memories – Kathleen M. Martin – p. 23
Mom and Birthdays – Donna Lee Shane Loomis – p. 27
Seeds of Faith – Linda Jett – p. 30
Snapshots of My Mother – Lindsay Harrel – p. 33
The Overflowing Cup – Peter Hardt – p. 36
Mother’s Hands – Elaine Hardt – p. 37
Mama’s Hands – Janice Green – p. 39
Mother’s Miraculous Morels – Sandra Fischer – p. 43
How Sweet It Was! – Patricia Anne Elford – p. 46
Lifelines – Linda Driscoll – p. 49
Childhood, Summer, and the Ghost That Kept Us Quiet –
Raymond Fenech – p. 51
Mom’s Fudge – Don E. Cunningham – p. 54
My Mother – Hazel Elizabeth Barnes – p. 56
Three Photographs – Paige Carpenter – p. 58
Windows to Her Heart – Debbie Schmid – p. 59
Mom, Memories and Tomato Soup Cake –
Deb Wuethrich – p. 62
Love in a Country Legacy – Brenda Black – p. 66
Childhood Memories – Elsie H. Platt – p. 68
Walking the Great Wall – Sylvia Adams – p. 70
Ten Years – Glen Sorestad – p. 72
Inheritance – Alice King Greenwood – p. 73
The New Bride – Nell Davidson – p. 74
The Woman of Border Beds – Glenn Kletke – p. 76
Old Claims – Glenn Kletke – p. 77
The Birthday Cake Tag Team – Beverly Ost-Everley – p. 77
My Mother Is a Quilt – Ardith Hird Davenport – p. 80
Mom’s Southern Fried Okra & Potatoes – Sheri Pattillo – p. 81
In Lieu of an Obit – Donna Langevin – p. 83
My Small Hand in Hers – Debbie Carpenter – p. 85
I Remember Mumma – Linda Dawn Pettigrew – p. 87
It Is Beautiful – Theodore Christou – p. 89
All That I Am – Cheryl Edwards – p. 90
“Lucky For Me There Was You” – John Pigeau – p. 94
The Tapestry – Joyce Gero – p. 95
Dancing with Jesus – Peggy Levesque – p. 96
Dumplings for Dinner – Karen S. Chow – p. 99
The Recipe Card – Judith Cleland – p. 102
The Grain Givers – Linda Patchett – p. 103
Rouge and Blush – Rita Grimaldi – p. 105
Mother – Anna Yin – p. 106
Eminence Grise – Lois A. Wraight – p. 107
My Mother’s Kitchen – Stella Mazur Preda – p. 108

Memories of My Grandmother

Sarah (Kastner) Wilhelm, My Grandmother –
Donna Wootton – p. 113
Nanny and Me, Punkie Jean – Jean Ann Williams – p. 116
A Pinch of This and That – Cassandra Wessel – p. 120
Spaghetti, But No Meatballs – Joanne Sandlin – p. 123
Hooked on Hats – Annmarie B. Tait – p. 126
A Gift from Grandma – Dominic Spano – p. 128
Chicken for Dinner – LeAnn Rowse – p. 132
The Gift of Good-bye – Natalie Kim Rodriguez – p. 134
Doctor Granny – June Carter Powell – p. 136
Time Is Precious – Tammy Pfaff – p. 139
Alice in My Bedroom – Brian Mullally – p. 141
Grandma’s Crepes – Alice Klies – p. 145
The Heart of the Matter – Connie Kinnell-McKinney – p. 148
Naomi’s Eyes – Deb Kemper – p. 152
Nanna was my Guardian Angel, and I didn’t know it –
Shane Joseph – p. 154
Nell’s Dresses – Sally Jadlow – p. 157
Sunday Dinner at Meme’s – Gay Ingram – p. 160
My Grandmother Laura Douglas Hutsell –
Linda Hutsell-Manning – p. 163
Mud Pie Memories – Helen L. Hoover – p. 165
Almost Heaven – Londa Hayden – p. 167
Grandmother’s Springerle Cookies – Lisa Harris – p. 169
Gram’s Wisdom – Sue Hardesty – p. 173
A Perpetual Guiding Light: Memories of Korean Grandmother –
John J. Han – p. 176
Grandma’s Visit – Kimberley Sherman Grove – p. 180
Sky-diving Is for Grandmas, Too – Sandi Greene – p. 182
My Grandmother Wore Army Boots – Mary Gordon – p. 184
Grandma’s Organ – Donna Clark Goodrich – p. 188
Love—Chocolate Style – Linda Gillis – p. 191
My Grandmother’s Home – Joy P. Gage – p. 195
A Gift that Lasts – Corinne D. Furtney – p. 197
Handyman Grandma – Linda Rose Etter – p. 198
Grannie’s Sky – Graham Ducker – p. 200
In My Grandmother’s Eyes – Peggy J. Cunningham – p. 203
Child Prodigy – Joanne Culley – p. 206
I Remember Nana – Faye Braley – p. 209
Her First Grandchild – Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow – p. 212
Would the Real Grandma Please Stand Up? –
Linda Carlblom – p. 214
Grandma’s Braid – Karen L. Cole – p. 217
Canadian Maple Taffy – Gary Boutin – p. 220
Nana’s Garden – Phyllis Ciarametaro – p. 223
Grandma’s Soup – Kathryn MacDonald – p. 225
How Sweet It Was – Maggie Brackley – p. 227
Distaff Trio, Plaited – Leah Murray – p. 230
Doggy Treats from Gramma Joyce –
Coleene D. VanTilburg – p. 232
Laundry and Love – Janet Piedmont Kivisto – p. 235
Grandma’s Faith – Dixie Phillips – p. 238

Like a Mother to Me

Special Yarn Blossoms – Theresa Elders – p. 243
The Camping Cake – Sharen Pearson – p. 246
An Aunt’s Legacy – Cherry Pedrick – p. 248

Contributor Bios – p. 252

Thank you to all of the contributors
for making this book possible.

List of Contributors:

Sylvia Adams is the author of a novel, a children’s book, a prize-winning poetry chapbook, Mondrian’s Elephant, and the poetry collection Sleeping on the Moon, runner-up for the 2007 Lampman-Scott award. A poetry facilitator in Ottawa and Chile, as ADAR Press she publishes her groups’ chapbooks.


Brenda Black is an author, inspirational speaker, and publicist from Deepwater, Missouri, with more than 1,500 published works to her credit. She is a pastor’s wife, mother of two grown sons, and a high school Sunday school teacher who loves country living. Learn more about the author at


A visual artist at heart, Gary Boutin paints with words memories of Canadian traditions. With a varied background he has worked in the US Air Force, hospital and school settings, and has tried his hands at computer work. All this gives him a unique perspective on life.


Maggie Brackley lives in Markham, Ontario. She has recently retired from the provincial government where she worked as a business analyst, and enjoys writing about her travels, as well as the occasional food memoir.


Faye Braley had her first work published when she was a sophomore in high school, and has in recent years been a contributor to several anthologies. Faye lives with her husband, Jim, in Cottonwood, Arizona and is now a grandmother herself.


Linda McQuinn Carlblom, Chandler, Arizona, is a wife, mom of three, and Grammy to five. She writes mainly for children and the adults in their lives. You can check out her books at Believe and her blog, Parenting with a Smile at Linda also blogs with other Christian children’s authors at


Debbie Carpenter is retired from the children’s ministry staff at her church in Tucson, Arizona. She enjoys writing and spending time with her husband, daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren.


Paige Carpenter is a Florida-based writer and illustrator. She graduated in 2008 from Florida State University with a degree in music, and she continues to pursue the magic of stories through art and fiction. Visit her blog at:


Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow is a Pushcart Prize nominated author and award-winning educator and broadcaster. She is Founding General Manager of WYCC-TV/PBS and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Wright College in Chicago. Her stories and essays have been published in numerous anthologies including Thin Threads, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and This I Believe. Her husband Richard is her muse.


Karen S. Chow is an American-born Chinese and her mother emigrated from Taiwan.  Karen likes to shadow her mom in the kitchen to learn Chinese recipes.  She and her husband have one daughter and live in Arizona.

Theodore Christou is an assistant professor at the University of New Brunswick. Theodore completed his PhD at Queen’s University in 2009.  Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, he worked as a public school teacher in the Toronto District School Board.  He is the author of two forthcoming books, one prose and one verse, titled The Problem of Progressive Education (University of Toronto Press), and an overbearing eye (Hidden Brook Press).


Phyllis Ciarametaro was born and brought up on the northern seacoast of Massachusetts where she and her husband, Joe, raised their four children. Retiring to Arizona, Phyllis has written several short stories. “The Day the Kids Bought the Tree” appeared in a 2011 Christmas anthology. She is working on her second mystery novel.

Judith Cleland has been writing poetry for a number of years. Her work has appeared in Vox Feminarum, the Blue Planet, and several self published volumes. Her inspiration is most often drawn from her love of nature and her childhood in Waterloo County.


Karen L. Cole is the author of Lifting the Veil (Hidden Brook Press, 2009), a memoir of life in the convent. Among other writings, her article “Quilts and Quirks” is included in Wisdom of Old Souls (HBP, 2008). She is hoping her novel Southern Exposure will find a publisher soon. htttp://


Dorothy Cox-Rothwell was previously involved in family business and now pursues interests in writing and art and is a Spiritualist minister with two grown children and five grandchildren. Married to John Rothwell, she is also a Reiki Master.


Joanne Culley is a writer and DVD producer whose articles have appeared in the Globe and Mail. Her documentaries include “Be My Baby,” “Put the Brakes on Bullying,” and “Breaking New Ground: Contemporary Canadian Architecture.” She was the winner of the Media/Television Award for “In Celebration of Women” in 2001. Visit her at
Don Cunningham, Prescott Valley, Arizona, is the author of Divorce and Remarriage Made Beautiful in His Time (Tate Publishing), and several chapbooks of poetry, short stories, and essays. A retired social worker and licensed minister, he currently conducts a telephone pastoral care ministry at his local church.


Peggy Cunningham and her husband have served as missionaries in Bolivia,
S.A. since 1981, where they have a children’s ministry and two churches. She has written 13 children’s books and contributes bi-monthly to The Voice of Grace and Truth and various other Christian publications.
Ardith Hird Davenport is a native of central Nebraska who learned the value of family from her parents and grandparents. Ardith and her husband have been public school educators since earning their bachelor degrees at Kearney State College in 1973. They have three adult children and three grandchildren.

Nell Davidson (nee Lowkeen) was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

She learned to cook by being her mom’s prep person, observing her mother cooking, and listening to her mom’s stories.


Linda Driscoll, Peterborough Ontario, is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She still talks to her mum.


Graham Ducker is a retired Primary Methods Specialist who enjoys writing short stories. His favourite character is ten-year-old Jeremy. A major work (and screenplay) involves Jeremy riding a woolly bear caterpillar through his mom’s garden, where he learns about insects.


Cheryl Edwards is a semi-retired administrator who now resides in Peterborough, Ontario. She has been interested in writing since an early age and is currently writing her memoirs for her grandchildren, Lucas and Alec.


Terri Elders, LCSW, lives near Colville, Washington. She’s a frequent contributor to anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Thin Threads, and God Makes Lemonade. A public member of the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Terri received UCLA’s 2006 Alumni Award for Community Service. She blogs at


Patricia Anne Elford, OCT, B.A., M.Div., is an educator, clergy person, and award-winning professional writer in various genres, published in literary publications, periodicals, anthologies, and on line. She is an editor of shorter pieces and books— recently, Grandmothers’ Necklace, a fundraising anthology for Grandmothers to Grandmothers. When inspired, Patricia writes on anything “handy,” her own hands included.


Linda Rose Etter taught school for 36 years. After finishing her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, her first devotional book, Listen To HIS Heartbeat was published in 2011. She lives in Adrian, Michigan, and continues to write devotionals and short stories. Visit Linda at .


Raymond Fenech from Malta embarked on his writing career as a freelance journalist at 18 and worked for, among others, leading newspapers The Times and Sunday TimesHe also edited two nationally distributed magazines, The Globe Trotter and Living 2000. His work has been featured in several publications in 12 countries.


Sandra Fischer taught high school English and owned a Christian bookstore in Indiana for several years. Much of her writing is devoted to stories from her experiences growing up in the Midwest. She has been published in Guideposts, anthologies, and online in Faithwriters Magazine. Sandra lives in South Carolina with her husband Craig.


Corinne Furtney is an elementary school teacher and volunteers with the youth in her church. She enjoys baking, travelling, and spending time with her family.

Joy P. Gage is the author of 17 books, president of Northern Arizona Word Weavers, and a mentor for The Jerry Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. She lives with her retired pastor-husband in Cottonwood, Arizona. Joy was born in her grandmother’s cabin south of St. Louis in the Ozark foothills.


Joyce Gero, contributor to several Canadian anthologies, has taught creative writing at a federal correctional facility.  A recent community college honours graduate in Office Administration, she is currently working to obtain certification in Supervisory Management through the Canadian Institute of Management.


Linda Gillis, Sun City, Arizona, is the author of three books. A 2006 winner of the Guideposts Magazine Writer Workshop, you can visit her at


Donna Clark Goodrich is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and conference instructor. The author of 23 books and over 700 published manuscripts, she lives with her husband of 52 years in Mesa, Arizona. Visit her at


Mary Gordon is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has lived her whole life knowing there’s a memoir or two at the end. She is retired, and lives on the banks of the Indian River in Warsaw, Ontario.


Janice D. Green is a retired elementary school librarian. She enjoys writing slice-of-life stories about growing up and—with the help of her family and cousins—wrote two books filled with pictures and memories for her parents when they turned 90 (see Her book, The Creation, was published in 2011. Visit her blog at


Sandi Greene is an online college English teacher and writes for teens and adults. She lives in Anthem, Arizona, with her husband Bob, daughter Justice, and son Micah. Visit her at


Alice King Greenwood, mother and grandmother of many children, has been writing poetry since her retirement from teaching school more than 25 years ago. She delights in teaching a Sunday school class of senior adults and in memorizing the Scriptures. Her hobbies include playing the piano and composing music.


Rita Grimaldi is an early childhood educator. She is also a fiber artist specializing in weaving handspun naturally dyed fibers into pictorial tapestries.


Kim Grove teaches writing courses for Loyalist College and Colborne’s Community Care. She has also taught at the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre. A freelance writer, she has been published in several major newspapers.


John J. Han, Ph.D., is professor of English and creative writing at Missouri Baptist University. An award-winning poet and nonfiction, he is the author of three volumes of poetry. His poems and personal essays have also appeared in the Mainichi Daily News, Kansas English, Simply Haiku, Prune Juice, The Laurel Review, Wild Violets, and numerous other periodicals and anthologies in the United States, Japan, Korea, and India.


Sue Hardesty grew up in Illinois and now resides in Northwest Arkansas. She is the mother of three grown children and has several grandchildren and two great-grandkids. She has had articles published and won several contest awards. The co-founder of a writer’s group at her church, she has a book in the works.


Elaine Hardt is a retired educator, now devoted to Christian writing. The author of eight books, she posts poems, stories, and articles on her blog, and has been teaching the Writers’ Networking Group since 2003. She’s married to Don, and they have two sons.


Lindsay Harrel is a writer and editor with a B.A. in journalism from Arizona State University and an M.A. in English from Northern Arizona University. She lives in Phoenix with her husband, cat, and dog, and serves in her church’s music ministry as a singer.


Lisa Harris writes about family, outdoor adventure, travel, and food. Her articles and stories have appeared in a variety of publications, including the Boston Globe and the Christian Science Monitor. She lives in Tucson with her two daughters and a multitude of four-footed friends.


Londa Hayden is a freelance writer and native Texan living in Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three sons. She is a staff writer for Southern Writers Magazine, maintains a column at the Memphis Christian Writing Examiner, and is founding president of Bartlett Christian Writers. Visit her website at


Helen Hoover enjoys sewing, knitting, and traveling. She and her husband volunteer with the Sower Ministry for retired Christian RV’ers. They enjoy their four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Linda Hutsell-Manning’s publications span 30 years and include 12 juvenile books, short fiction and poetry in literary mags, and, in 2011, her first literary novel, That Summer in Franklin, Second Story Press, TO. She had two poems in the fall 2011 issue of The Prairie Journal, Calgary, AB. Visit her at


Multi-published Gay Ingram enjoys writing from the piney woods of East Texas. Twist of Fate, her latest novel, was released in 2010. Recently she published Some Write Thoughts, a book for writers seeking to perfect their craft. Visit her Web site at


Sally Jadlow serves as a chaplain to corporations in the greater Kansas City area. She also teaches creative writing. Sally is the author of The Late Sooner and God’s Little Miracle Book I and II—both available in hard copy and e-book version. Visit her Web site at


Linda Jett, a member of Oregon Christian Writers, freelances from her home in Newberg, Oregon, where she also massages clients and plays with three grandchildren. Her works have appeared in several anthologies; her poetry often appears in OCW newsletters.


Shane Joseph is the author of three novels and a collection of short stories. His latest novel The Ulysses Man (Blue Denim Press) was released in October 2011. For details, visit his Web site at


Deb Kemper, freelance writer and poet, hails from northwest Florida. She now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, with her husband and three dogs.


Connie Kinnell-McKinney was born in Hornell, New York, and raised in different areas of New York and Massachusetts before attending Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri. She now resides with her husband in Carthage, Missouri, where she enjoys spending time with her four grown children and five grandchildren.


Janet Kivisto practiced nursing for several years and, during that time, wrote many articles on well-being. Presently she is exploring the fascinating and occasionally frightening worlds of creating fiction and quilts. She is thrilled in her new role as a grandmother and lives with her husband in Brighton, Ontario.


Glenn Kletke lives and writes in Kanata, Ontario. His latest work appears in a recently published collection by Bookland Press. It contains poems by the Field Stone Poets and is titled “Whistle For Jellyfish.”

Alice Klies is a member of Northern Arizona in Cottonwood, Arizona. Now sixty-eight years old, she has been writing since she was a child, mostly memoirs of her family and friends. She has worked as a tennis pro, marketing director, teacher, and public speaker.


Donna Langevin is the author of The Second Language of Birds and In the Café du Monde, Hidden Brook Press, 2005 and 2008.  Winner of the Cyclamens and Swords poetry contest in 2009, “In Lieu of an Obit” was short-listed for the Descant Best Poem of the Year 2010 Winston Collins prize, and for the GritLIT Poetry Competition in 2011. Her short play, “Man with a Butterfly Hat,” will be performed at the Alumnae Theatre in Toronto in 2012.


Peggy Levesque has written for and/or edited several publications in and outside of Arizona and has contributed to three anthologies. A member of two local Christian writers groups, she is currently marketing her first novel and is working on the second. She has served on her church advisory board and has been involved in “reading theater.” Contact her at


Donna Lee Shane Loomis is a wife, mother, grandmother, and grateful child of God. A third generation Coloradan, she cherishes her role as grandmother to nine beautiful children. She says, “The greatest gift I can give future generations is to pass on the legacy of the past generations and the love of the Lord.”


Kathryn MacDonald published A Breeze You Whisper (poems, 2011) and Calla & Édourd (novel, 2009), both with Hidden Brook Press, as well as The Farm & City Cookbook (essays and recipes, co-authored with Mary Lou Morgan, Second Story Press, 1995). She teaches literature and writing online in Ontario’s college system.


Kathleen Martin believes she inherited her mother’s most influential trait of ‘Keeping the Peace.’ Published works include: Martha McKay Brown 1875-1947 (grandmothers’ anthology); Time of Trial: Beyond the Terror of 9/11; Signatures (anthology of personal writings); The Bathhouse (in print and CBC Broadcast radio broadcast); and “I Lost Me” (Alzheimer article).


Brian Mullally is the author of four novels, and a selection of his short stories was recently published under the title A Patch of Blue. He lives on the north shore of Lake Ontario with his artist wife, and is currently working on a sequel to his latest novel between visits from his eight grandchildren. Check out for more information.


Sherrie Murphree, Odessa, Texas, wife of Mel and mom of Marlon and Valerie, is a Bible teacher, church musician, and writer of inspirational articles and devotionals. Published in 30 different magazines and nine book compilations, she loves to encourage others.


Leah Murray is a rural-based photographer, writer, and small business owner in Hastings, Prince Edward, and Northumberland Counties, Ontario, Canada. A lifelong interest in rural life and small-to-medium sized businesses in rural Ontario led to expansion of her imaging business into office automation and business process services in support of the small business owner. Leah’s personal work focuses on documenting rural and small-town Canada in post-millennium years along the shores of the Great Lakes.


Juanita Wier Nobles is a retired schoolteacher and pastor’s wife living near St. Louis, Missouri. She published A Heritage of Faith in 2010 and her work was published in the Love is a Verb 2011 anthology. Her articles and puzzles have been in several magazines and newspapers and on-line.


Everyone in Betty Ost-Everley’s family loves to cook: husband Terry and adult children Rachel and Jake. When not working as an administrative assistant, advocating for her neighborhood, or directing the church choir, she serves on the advisory board of the Heart of America Christian Writers’ Network. Follow her at


Linda Patchett is a high school teacher and mother of three sons. She lives on Otter Lake, Ontario, with her beloved cat Ollie, named after her favourite poet, Mary Oliver. Linda has had poems published at, Grandmother’s Necklace—an Anthology (in support of The Stephen Lewis Foundation) and Drumbeat magazine. Linda is most grateful for all things small—snowflakes and butterflies/acorns and moonbeams.


Sheri Pattillo enjoys writing, especially poetry, as an expressive outlet following time spent in corporate America and then the trenches of nonprofit work. She is a wife and the mom of two teenage boys who provide constant inspiration for her writing. Her other interests include running marathons and studying wine.


Sharen Pearson, Cottonwood, Arizona, is a pastor’s wife and mother of five. She is the founder/teacher of Goof & Giggle Mom/Tot classes and the host/creator of BabyFirstTV’s Baby D.I.Y. program. Visit her at


Cherry Pedrick, Lacey, Washington, is the coauthor of seven books, including The OCD Workbook, Third Edition and The Habit Change Workbook. She has written articles for Northwest Witness and other periodicals.


Linda Dawn Pettigrew is a grandmother and developing writer. Over the past decade she has written, edited and published articles, essays, and educational resources.  My Grandmas, A & P published in Grandmothers’ Necklace was the first publication of her autobiographical work. I Remember Mamma will be the second.


Tammy Pfaff of Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, is a wife and mother of four children. She is a member of the Philadelphia Christian Writers Fellowship and studies journalism. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, and scrapbooking. For more information about her, log onto


Dixie Phillips and her husband Paul have served the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Floyd, Iowa, for 30 years. They have four grown children and four grandchildren. Dixie loves throwing tea parties with her girlfriends and southern gospel music. You can read more about the Phillips’ ministry at

John Pigeau is the author of the acclaimed novel The Nothing Waltz, founder of the First Edition Reading Series in Perth, Ontario, and owner of Backbeat Books, Music & Gifts in the same lovely town.


Elsie H. Platt, Tucson, Arizona, has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Juanita College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, an M.Ed in Speech Pathology from Penn State University and is certified in Learning Disabilities at the University of Arizona. She now teaches a Bible class at a nursing home, an ESL class, and two pre-school music classes at her church. She also enjoys reading and travel.


June Carter Powell lives with her husband and fellow musician Michael and two cats rescued from street life. Recently published works include “Just Granny” written especially for the anthology Grandmother’s Necklace and “Tea Leaves and Horses’ Hooves” for Blue River Dark Waters.


Stella Mazur Preda’s poetry has appeared in many Canadian—and some US—literary journals and anthologies. Her first book of poetry, Butterfly Dreams, was published in 2003. Stella is owner and publisher at Serengeti Press. Her second poetry book, The Fourth Dimension, was released in the spring of 2012.


Natalie Kim Rodriguez is a first generation Puerto Rican Hispanic female and mother to four children. She writes religious reflections on life and family. She volunteers, participates in community leadership, and is a teacher, social media marketing consultant, writing coach, and speaker.


LeAnn Rowse and her siblings grew up in India with their parents who were medical missionaries. They came back to the States for furloughs every five years. The incident in this book happened during their second furlough while visiting their paternal grandmother.


Joanne Sandlin, Prescott Valley, Arizona, says that sitting on a kitchen stool making cookies led to her lifelong interest in cooking and recipe collecting, and publishing her own cookbook The Front Burner With Family and Friends. A member of the Northern Arizona Word Weavers, she also writes a recipe column. Contact her at


Debbie Schmid has written four books, including two bestsellers, and numerous articles for various publications. She’s been a keynote speaker at ladies’ retreat and church seminars, and also enjoys leading Bible studies, mentoring young Christians, and nurturing hurting individuals.


Glen Sorestad is a well known poet with over 20 volumes of poetry published. His work has appeared in over 50 anthologies and has been translated into a half-dozen different languages. The first Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan (2000-2004), Sorestad was appointed to the Order of Canada in 2010.

Dominic Spano, PhD., is an anthropologist who is interested in the dynamics of human behaviour. His previous work, The Defendant, is a story that looks at the behavioral nuances responsible for our daily patterns of interaction. His current work analyzes the sobering family dynamics as parents age and become infirm. Contact him at


Annmarie B. Tait resides in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, with her husband Joe Beck. She is published in various anthologies including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Patchwork Path, the HCI “Ultimate” series, and Reminisce magazine, and has been nominated for a 2013 Pushcart Prize. You may contact Annmarie at


Diane Taylor is the author of The Perfect Galley Book and forty magazine articles. She has taught English as a Second Language in Miami and Toronto, and also gives  workshops in memoir writing, and creates oral histories for elders. Visit her at


Donna Collins Tinsley, wife, mother, and grandmother, lives in Port Orange, Florida, and has been published in several magazines and book compilations. Find her at join Somebody’s Mother Online Prayer Support Group at Email her at


Freda Tong and her husband were missionaries to Taiwan for many years, and now live in Fontana, California. They have three adult children and six grandchildren. Freda has written one book and enjoys writing inspirational stories.

The loss of her oldest son four years ago jumpstarted Coleene VanTilburg’s desire to write and share, a healing process that continues. Co-leading an Aspiring Writer’s group and working at the local high school as a special education student aide also keep her active and involved in many situations which bring inspiration.


Dorothy Wells is the third child in her family, and the writer.


Connie Poole-Wesala is a retired educator and author. She lives in Gilbert, Arizona, and is currently working toward a Creative Writing Certificate. Her two grown children live close by and are her favorite friends and traveling companions. Connie has been published in The Gila River Review, Arizona Republic, and Celebrating Christmas…with Memory, Poetry, and Good Food anthology.


Cassandra Wessel is a retired minister, currently living in rural Pennsylvania where Amish buggies rattle along the macadam roadways. She enjoys writing, supply preaching, her garden, and times spent with her family, friends, and church.


Jean Ann Williams has contributed to over three-dozen clips to magazines, plus articles in two book anthologies. She resides with her husband and their three purebred goats in a secluded valley in Southern Oregon. Every fall, Jean Ann picks blackberries for jams and her mom’s blackberry stew.


Donna Wootton is a retired teacher and author of three books: one a small collection of short stories A Proper Diagnosis, another a novel called Leaving Paradise, and recently a work of creative nonfiction about her father called MOON REMEMBERED, The Life Of Lacrosse Goalie Lloyd “Moon” Wootton, published by Ginger Press. She is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada and the Spirit of the Hills Writers’ Group.


Lois A. Wraight is a wordsmith and poet for whom words are both undisciplined play and serious discipline. Fascinated by her own and others’ processes of aging, she plans to make this the subject of her next and perhaps penultimate chapbook.


Deb Wuethrich is a staff writer for the Tecumseh Herald in Tecumseh, Michigan. She has also published several devotions and magazine articles and is a contributor to Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children With Special Needs, and Love Is A Verb devotional, a Dr. Gary Chapman/James Stuart Bell project.


Anna Yin is a self-described geek and poetess. Her life in China was normal like the early stage of a butterfly in a cocoon, but passion for poetry bloomed after immigrating to Canada. Although an IT professional, she grew wings blending Chinese and Western cultures. Her winning awards and books are on

Donna Goodrich

Donna Goodrich

Donna Clark Goodrich is the author of 24 books and over 700 published manuscripts. As a Christian Writers, Donna lives in Mesa, Arizona.