Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada – 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada – 2nd Edition





Rick Jackson


Author: Rick Jackson

Title: Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada – 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-927725-44-3

Trade Paperback: 584 pages

Suggested Retail : $34.95

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This 2nd Edition of Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada is the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Canadian music ever published.


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Rick Jackson has, over the last 40 years, compiled the most comprehensive encyclopedia of Canadian rock, pop and folk music ever published. You will not find a more complete collection of song titles, album titles, release dates, record labels and historic notes. Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada is a must have for any music buff or serious collector.


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This second edition of, Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada is the most comprehensive book of its kind. It details the wide diversity of musical talent in this country. This long-awaited book, updates the 1994 first edition with more record labels and numbers as an answer to the hundreds of letters requesting additional information. In order to complete this Canadian treasure, Rick Jackson has, since 1973, done an extensive study as a result of his interviews with Canadian rock, pop and folk artists. It is the most important Canadian music book of its time.





The simple act of opening this book will catapult you into a world of music. Canadian music. Music you know and love. Music you’ve never heard of.  Hits and misses. Canadian artists, both beloved and obscure.  It’s all here.

If you love music you will love this book. If you love music trivia—although there’s nothing trivial about the facts and figures contained in this enormous music encyclopedia—you will find yourself happily immersed.

I dare you to scroll through this immaculately compiled catalogue of Canadian artists without stopping repeatedly along your alphabetical journal. At each stop you will find compelling stories and details. Canadian music culture and lore brought to life, all neatly catalogued from A to Z.

You likely won’t make it much beyond the A’s before you find yourself digging into the lives of Canadian artists—from Bryan Adams to Paul Anka to Peter Appleyard. Ah, but don’t forget John Arpin.  John who?  Exactly.  Jackson’s book is a “Who’s Who” that will satisfy your hunger for all things Canadiana and pad your pockets with knowledge for use at parties and around the water cooler at work.


The beauty of Jackson’s rich and colourful compendium is irresistible. There is pleasure to be had, simply, in scrolling through the names of the artists and bands, the play of language enough to satisfy any reader. Let the names roll off your tongue: Mau Kauffman, Chantal Kreviazuk,  KD Lang, Little Daddy and The Bachelors. Lost and Profound, Major Hoople’s Boarding House,  Martha and the Muffins, Pear of Pied Pumpkin, Perth County Conspiracy, The Tragically Hip, Tranquility Base, Gino Vinelli, Roch Voisine.

Rick Jackson’s staggering encyclopedia is a page-turner—as compelling as any story in any genre you might hope to encounter.

Gary Rasberry,

Canadian musician,

Juno nominee.



I’ve known Rick Jackson for a number of years, and have always found his working knowledge of the history of Canadian music phenomenal. Talking with him, one can immediately sense that this subject is a dear and true passion.

This second edition of the Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada is incredibly impressive. Featuring well over 500 Canadian musicians and each of them with not only a very adequate musician bio but as well each their list of singles, records, and cd’s produced, this massive project covers the span of the past, roughly, seventy years.

With over forty years in its creation and nearly 600 pages long, this certainly must be the most comprehensive book of its kind available anywhere and a true gem for Canadian music audiophiles. It would indeed be the book I’d want to have on my shelf as a reference for any question I might have about any aspect within these genres of Canadian music.

Bruce Kauffman,

Author of numerous books of poetry,

Poetry Workshop Leader,

Radio Host at CFRC 101.9FM in Kingston.


As a singer, poet and writer, I have a unique perspective of Canadian rock, folk and pop history. I was there.  This book, Encyclopedia of Rock, Pop & Folk Music in Canada, took me on a journey through musical history.  I sang at the Riverboat and Mynah Bird and Bohemian Embassy in Toronto. I remembered Murray MacLaughlin starting out at Mariposa.  I was mesmerized by Bruce Cockburn’s poetry.  I still love Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and especially Malka Maron of Malka and Joso.  M. Joe, (Mendelson Joe of Mckenna Mendelson Mainline) has not only encouraged me but countless others, his is a voice that roars.  He cares and shares that caring through music.

For those that care about Canadian history, trivia and important contributions to a society that is enriched by its visionaries and musicians, you will truly enjoy this book.


Honey Novick

singer, poet and writer



Rick Jackson

Rick Jackson

Rick Jackson is from Kingston, Ontario, is an author, film critic and broadcaster. He grew up on army bases and became interested in collecting music charts from CFNB in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is a radio host at CFRC 101.9FM in Kingston, Ontario.