Celebrating Christmas with… Memories, Poetry, and Good Food

Celebrating Christmas with… Memories, Poetry, and Good Food



Edited By Donna Goodrich


ISBN: 978-1897475805

Trade Paperback: 301 pages

Publication Date: Oct 1, 2011

Suggested Retail (Paperback/EBook): $24.95

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Celebrating Christmas with… Memories, Poetry, and Good Food is a tradition-filled book of memories in prose, poetry and recipes.Read this book aloud at the dining room table with the whole family. It will make young and old laugh and cry.It will make a fine Christmas gift that will give joy for years to come.
Table of Contents Childhood and Teenage MemoriesNot Mincemeat Pie Again – Jennifer Kruse – p. 2
Christmas Poem – Maria Magdalena Agullo – p. 4
Memories of a Swedish Christmas in America – Karen Strand – p. 5
In Memory of Candy Cane Cookies – Liz Collard – p. 8
Braised Stuffed Pork Chops To Die For – Pat Rowland – p. 10
A Special Surprise – Juanita Nobles – p. 11
The Christmas Spirit of Old – Raymond Fenech – p. 14
From a Child on New Year’s Day – Elaine Hardt – p. 15
Up Front – Terri Elders – p. 16
A Remembrance of a Childhood Christmas – Noreen Ophoff – p. 19
Christmas Memories – Freda Hatfield Tong – p. 21
Italian Bowknots–A Post-Fast Treat – Janis A. Van Keuren – p. 22
Ignored Blessings – Kathy Collard Miller – p. 25
Christmas Magic – Brendalyn Crudup Martin – p. 28
A Cinnamon Toast Gift – Annette Kathleen Hutchins – p. 30Family MemoriesEasy Christmas Turtle Candy – Debbie Cunningham Carpenter – p. 32
Christmas Traditions and Treasures – Joyce McCullough – p. 33
A Blue Christmas Turned Bright – Millie Barger – p. 34
Our Family Christmas Custard Eggnog – Joanne Hendrix – p. 35
The Gift of Life – Linda Boutin – p. 37
Christmas Muffins – Deb Kemper – p. 40
Christmas Company – Virginia Colclasure – p. 41
The Best Pecan Pie in the World – Cona Gregory – p. 42
Teddy Bear in the Attic – Suzanne Gene Courtney – p. 44
Orange Blush – Pat Rowland – p. 45
Angels in Disguise – Mia Lynn DeBruyne – p. 46
Oatmeal Date Cookies – Kathy Bruins – p. 47
Plum Pudding – Janet Ann Collins – p. 48
Christmas—Ready or Not – Betty Baker – p. 51
The Fruitcake Mission: Three Decades of Giving – Lisa Harris – p. 53
A Southern Garden of Christmas Gifts – Sandra Fischer – p. 57
A Husband’s Devotion – Rebecca Carpenter – p. 58
Christmas Wreath – Joyce McCullough – p. 59
Pumpkin Bread – Joyce McCullough – p. 60
Christmas Haiku – John J. Han – p. 61
Christmas Party Coleslaw – Patti Schieringa – p. 62
The Unexpected Christmas Gift – Christine Henderson – p. 63
Apple Crisp – Jewell Johnson – p. 65
Quilting Memories – Gay Ingram – p. 66
Bread Sauce – Cora Holley – p. 67
A Christmas Cinquain: As Years Go By – Cassandra Wessel – p. 68
The Stockings Were Hung – Carin LeRoy – p. 70
The Perfect Gift – Joyce McCullough – p. 71
Cheddar Cheese Logs – Betty Arthurs – p. 73
Behold the Sights of Christmas – Debbie Carpenter – p. 74
Yule Kage – Bruce McLeland – p. 75
Our First Christmas – Danielle Mendenhall – p. 77
Red Velvet Cake – Diane Morgan – p. 78
Christmas Forever – Jewell Johnson – p. 79
Baked Eggs – Ellen Cardwell – p. 80
Returned to Sender – Sherri Murphree – p. 81
Cathedral Cookies – Carol Dee Meeks – p. 82
Our Family Christmas Eve Soup – Carol Dee Meeks – p. 83
Crystal’s Christmas Dove – Ginger B. O’Neill – p. 84
Marshmallow Nut Clusters – Leola R. Ogle – p. 85
Gingerbread Men – Cherry Pedrick – p. 86
Keep It Simple – Jewell Johnson – p. 87
The Making of the Cranberry Sauce – Laurie Barker Copeland – p. 88
Through the Years – Connie Peters – p. 89
A Memory Locked in Our Hearts – Tammy Pfaff – p. 90
Fennel Pistachio Cookies – Peggy Blann Phifer – p. 91
The Giving Spirit – Annette Rey – p. 92
Red Salad – Anne Grace – p. 95
The Old-Fashioned Way – Star and Moon Cookies – Jane Riley – p. 96
Angels, Roaches, and a Christmas Child – Lorilyn Roberts – p. 98
Christmas Chinese Rice – Natalie Kim Rodriguez – p. 101
Picture Perfect – Janet Roller – p. 102
Aunt Teddy’s Snicker Doodles – Joanne Sandlin – p. 104
Surprise Christmas – Verna Simm – p. 106
Loss Brings Poignant Holiday Memories – Deb Wuethrich – p. 109
Christmas Cake – Jane Riley – p. 111

Memories of Mother, Mothers-in-Law, and Aunts

Love What Is Before It Isn’t – Carol Mottinger Ramirez – p. 114
Great Aunt Hallie’s Luscious Cake – Barbara Boothe Loyd – p. 116
Mom’s Extreme Holiday Baking Project – Emily M. Akin – p. 117
What Mothers Do – Bill Butler – p. 119
My Mother’s Gingerbread Recipe – Paige Carpenter – p. 121
Mama’s Magnificent Meatless Mincemeat – Rebecca Bruner – p. 123
Lil’s Sugar and Spice Cookies – Lynn Hartke – p. 125
The Unexpected Gift Exchange – Carol Moncado – p. 127
Ma’s German Christmas Bread – Elaine Hardt – p. 129
Cranberry-Orange Relish – Rhonda Brown – p. 130
Mother’s Large Custard – Frances E. Luymes – p. 131
Mother’s Magic – Barbara Russell Chesser – p. 132
Lost Tradition – Linda Rose Etter – p. 134
Christmas Brunch – Ashleen O’Gaea – p. 136
Magical Windows of Christmas – Nancy Julien Kopp – p. 139
Mother’s Cinnamon Rolls – Kris Lindsey – p. 141
Christmas Eve Buffet – Diane Morgan – p. 144
Spritz Cookies – Rhonda Brown – p. 145
The Perfect Gift – Deborah G. Onderdonk – p. 146
Christmas Brunch – Debbie Schmid – p. 148
A Sweet, Rich Tradition—Braided Cardamom Bread – Liane Williams – p. 149

Father Memories

Christmas Lights – Kelly Combs – p. 152
Daddy’s Christmas Box – Connie Coppings – p. 153
Please Don’t Sing – Don Cunningham – p. 155

Grandparent/Grandchildren Memories

Oh Tannenbaum – Diane Ellenwood – p. 158
The Best Christmas Present Ever – April Smith Carpenter – p. 160
Sugar Cream Pie – Diane Morgan – p. 162
The Perfect Duet – Rebecca Carpenter – p. 163
Grandchildren’s Christmas Delight – Willow Dressel – p. 164
Memories in the Making – Phyllis Qualls Freeman – p. 166
Struggling with the Season – Linda Gillis – p. 169
Grandma’s Peanut Butter Divinity—a Christmas Tradition – Joyce Komar – p. 171
The Christmas Sideboard – Jerri Clark Legler – p. 174
Head Cook at Junior High– Diane Morgan – p. 176
Festive Christmas Jell-O – Diane Morgan – p. 177
A Thrill and Miracle – Loreen Kollmorgen – p. 178
Pretty Birdie – Loreen Kollmorgen – p. 179
My Grandmother’s Noodles – Andrea Arthur Owan – p. 180
Red Velvet Christmas Delight – Donna Collins Tinsley – p. 183
Grandma Fran’s Christmas Rolls – Cassandra Wessel – p. 185
Peppernut Memories – Christy Williams – p. 187

Oh, Christmas Tree

The Beginning of Traditions – Liane Williams – p. 190
Every Good and Perfect Gift – Nanette Thorsen-Snipes – p. 191
The Christmas Angel – Connie Poole Wesala – p. 193
The Stolen Tree – Cassandra Wessel – p. 195
The Abandoned Christmas Tree – Cherry Pedrick – p. 196
A Fresh Pine Memory – Betty Ost-Everley – p. 198
Oh, Christmas Tree – Cona Gregory – p. 199
The Christmas Tree Parade – Annette Geroy – p. 200
Two Christmas Trees – Margaret Dornan Gamber – p. 203
The Day the Kids Bought the Tree – Phyllis Ciarametaro – p. 205
Oh Christmas Tree! – Faye Braley – p. 208
The Not-So-Perfect Tree – Betty Arthurs – p. 209
Paper Christmas on the Tree – Maria Magdalena Agullo – p. 211

Christmas in Other Places

Christmas in Portland – Josephine Walker – p. 214
O Little Town of Bethlehem – Lucy Neeley Adams – p. 216
Christmas in a Suitcase – Debbie Burgett – p. 218
Christmas Down on the Farm – Carol Dee Meeks – p. 220
Christmas in Wartime Scotland, WWII – Margaret Dornan Gamber – p. 221
Centuries Old Scottish Christmas Delight – Margaret Albertson – p. 223
A Christmas to Remember – Anita Mellott – p. 225
A Colorado Christmas – Peggy Halter Morris – p. 228
“Yah, Sure, Swedish Pancakes” – Sharen Pearson – p. 232
The Posada—A Southwestern Tradition – Carol Mottinger Ramirez – p. 234
Shiny, Happy Cards – Coleene VanTilburg – p. 235
An Arkansas Christmas – Anna Roberts Wells – p. 237
Poppy Seed Cake – Suzanne Gene Courtney – p. 240
Two Memorable Recipes from Historic Malta – Raymond Fenech – p. 241
Strufolli (Italian Honey Balls) – B.H. Haropolous – p. 245
Three Wise Decisions – Reba Cross Seals – p. 246

A Sweet Treat for My Sweetheart
—Diabetic Date Nut Cake – Alice King Greenwood – p. 250

Unexpected Surprises

Megan and Zoe – Rebecca D. Bruner – p. 252
Behind the Mask – John Brewer – p. 256
The Christmas Visitors – Michael M. Alvarez – p. 258
I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Sandra Fischer – p. 261
Mistletoe and the Bell – Nikole Hahn – p. 264
Christmas Riches – Londa Hayden – p. 267
The Gift She’d Always Wanted – Leola Ogle – p. 269
No More Stones, Please – Jo Russell – p. 273
Season of Guinea Pigs – Jean Ann Williams – p. 274
The Blue Woolen Blanket – Lenna Wyatt – p. 277

Christmas Miracles

Angel on Ice – Barbara Russell Chesser – p. 282
Like Precious Silver – Patricia Childress – p. 285
A Christmas Prayer – Carolyn Griffin – p. 287
Stolen Bikes and Grace – Lynn Hartke – p. 289
A House for Christmas – Donna Clark Goodrich – p. 290

Editor Bio – p. 293
Author Bios – p. 294 – 301

Thank you to all of the contributors
for making this book possible.

List of Contributors:

Lucy Neeley Adams, North Carolina, has come to be known as “The Hymn Lady” from several interview shows she has done in the past. Her book, 52 HYMN STORY DEVOTIONS has been a best seller for ten years She is married to a minister and they have 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Visit her at www.52hymns.com Maria Magdalena Agullo’ is a Cuban-American author/illustrator residing in Winter Park, Fl. She writes children’s picture books, adventure narrative poetry, and medieval fantasy. Emily M. Akin, Union City, Tennessee, is a freelance writer whose articles and devotions have appeared in The Upper Room, The Secret Place, HomeLife, The Lookout, Vista, and Evangel. She is a staff writer and Seniors Today editor for a local lifestyle magazine Margaret Albertson has authored eleven articles in print magazines and books and thirty articles for on-line publications. She resides in Southern California with her husband and one of four adult children. Her mother was born in Scotland and taught Margaret the art of making shortbread.


Michael M. Alvarez has written and published numerous poems, short stories, novels, and articles on writing during his thirty years as a freelance writer. He teaches writing at Pima Community College and lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Betty L. Arthurs, Tempe, Arizona, has written numerous articles for magazines and several compilation books. She enjoys living in the Southwest and hanging out with her seven grandchildren. A writing dream came true when Guideposts accepted her feature article in the comfort food section.


Betty Baker lives in central Florida and is a member of a Christian writing group.  Elizabeth writes nonfiction and believes writing is a gift from God. She also enjoys quilting, baking and traveling. She and her husband have two grown sons and 7 young grandchildren.


Millie Barger, author of 10 books and hundreds of articles. Member of Phoenix Christian Writers’ Fellowship.


Linda Boutin, Chino, California, graduated from San Diego State University’s School of Journalism with an emphasis in magazine publishing. She worked as a copy editor, proofreader, researcher and writer for San Diego Home Garden & Lifestyles magazine, as well as proofreading textbooks. Currently she leads the Aspiring Writers’ Forum at Chino Valley Community Church. Visit her at http://tkdbasenji.blogspot.com/


Faye L. Braley is a charter member of the Northern Arizona chapter of Word Weavers. She was the editor and contributing author of the Secretary’s Manual (Association of Christian School International). She and her husband, Jim, reside in Cottonwood, Arizona. They have two children and two grandchildren.


Growing up in a military family, John Brewer, Gainesville, Florida, attended 11 schools in 12 years. His parents and teachers nurtured a love for literature. John won the award for
Best Submitted Poetry at the 2010 Florida Christian Writers Conference. Find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100000100173379&sk=info


Trained in Christian education, Rhonda Brown, Mesa, Arizona, has served on a church staff and as a volunteer, taught high school English for seven years or so, writes poetry, and likes best her wife and mother hats.


Rebecca Bruner, Mesa, Arizona, has loved writing stories since she was a young girl. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two teen-agers and is passionate about teaching women’s Bible studies. Her goal as a writer is to share her joy in telling stories with people who find joy in reading them.

Debbie Burgett is a missionary with New Tribes Mission and a contributing editor for the mission’s magazine, NTM@work. She and her husband have five grown children and serve at the NTM USA home office in Sanford, Florida. She is a member of the CWG Word Weavers group of Orlando. www.ntm.org/rand_burgett

Bill Butler lives in Phoenix, Arizona, but was raised in NYC. He served in the US Army for eight years & worked in Phoenix, Arizona supervising & training Vocational Rehabilitation counselors at the Samaritan Rehabilitation Institute. Bill has degrees in Psychology & Rehabilitation, which gives him insight into the human heart.


Ellen Cardwell  is a Bay Area transplant living in the Sierra Nevada foothills. She recently began writing devotionals, and has had some published. Ellen also enjoys singing with a praise team, nurturing the garden and spending time with her family, her “treasures on earth.”


April Smith Carpenter is a freelance writer living in Mississippi. She and her husband David have two children, Brooks and Grace. April enjoys teaching aerobics and her part time job with the active older adults at the YMCA as well as running her own ministry. Visit her at www.godlycommunication.com.


Debbie Carpenter gets a lot of her inspiration from children. She worked as Assistant Children’s Ministries Director for 14 years in her church in Tucson. She and her husband have two daughters and sons-in-laws who have blessed her with three granddaughters and one grandchild on the way. 


Paige Carpenter is Florida-based writer and illustrator. In 2008 she graduated from Florida State University with a degree in music, and she continues to pursue the magic of stories through art and fiction. Visit her blog at http://roguedoe.wordpress.com


Rebecca Carpenter—after almost 37 years of teaching elementary students—joined her husband in retirement in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Much of their time is spent traveling the world on both pleasure and mission trips. She also enjoy spending time with my family, which includes 5 granddaughters, and friends, writing, reading, and volunteering.

Mary Lou Cheatham, award-winning author of Louisiana and Texas, has enjoyed careers as a teacher and registered nurse. Mother of one daughter, she has published a novel, Solomon’s Porch, dealing with Gullain Barre Syndrome, a story cookbook Flavored with Love, and a daily devotional book Do You Know How God Loves You?


Dr. Barbara Russell Chesser, Waco, Texas, is a New York Times bestseller author and an award-winning university professor. She is the author of numerous books, including two volumes of Keeping Christmas: Stories to Warm Your Heart Throughout the Year, anthologies of stories by her and well-known authors such as Leo Buscaglia and Lewis Grizzard.


Patricia Childress lives in Sacramento, California, where she writes Christian fiction and nonfiction. She also enjoys decorating, patio gardening, crafts, and writing. She is a member of Inspire Christian Writers, Village Green Writers, and The Red Hat Society. A facilitator in support groups, she is also a mentor and speaker. 


Phyllis Ciarametaro, Fountain Hills, Arizona, grew up in a small fishing community northeast of Boston. She has written several short stories depicting ethnic family life. She has also written a mystery novel taking place in Salem, Massachusetts.


Liz Collard is a wife, and mother from Orlando, Florida. Author of the Building a Godly Marriage series, her heart’s desire is to see families serving and glorifying God together.

Janet Ann Collins, Grass Valley, California, has been a feature writer and columnist and is the author of books for children. She is also a teacher and a grandparent who loves all her family, extended and otherwise. Her website is www.janetanncollins.com and she blogs at http://onwordsblog.blogspot.com .


Virginia Colclasure, Jarrettsville, Maryland, is a retired librarian, writes book reviews, contributes to Portions of Grace <http://portionsofgrace.blogspot.com>, and does genealogy research.

Kelly Combs, Ashland, Virginia, is a wife, mother and writer who has been published in various publications including Guideposts, P31 Woman, and Love is A Verb. You may visit her website at www.kellycombs.com.

Laurie Barker Copeland is a storyteller, actress and author of The Groovy Chicks series. She lives in Florida with her husband of 30 years, John, and daughter, Kailey. Booking information for Laurie’s evening of humorous storytelling “The Christian’s Secret to a Messy Life” can be found by emailing her at Lauriecopeland@cfl.rr.com


Connie Coppings, Stanford, Kentucky, and her husband recently retired after 25 years in ministry. Connie’s writings are published in The Upper Room, The Lookout Magazine and other Christian publications. When not writing, she loves to cook, garden and play the piano.


Suzanne Gene Courtney, Monroe, Michigan, is a retired elementary teacher, mother of three, and grandmother of two. She began her writing career after the untimely death of her oldest son, and has written three books and illustrated two of them. She loves to travel, collect antiques, draw, and spent time with family and friends. Visit her at suzannegenecourtney.com.

Don Cunningham, Prescott Valley, Arizona, is the author of: Divorce and Remarriage Made Beautiful in His Time (Tate Publishing), several chapbooks of poetry, short stories, and essays. A retired social worker and licensed minister of pastoral care and outreach, he currently conducts a telephone pastoral care ministry at his local church.

Mia Lynn DeBruyne, Fruitport, Michigan, is a “stay-at-home” mom who writes inspirational stories about family life for the online West Michigan Christian Newspaper. She enjoys the challenge of finding God in everyday life


Willow Dressel, Chino Valley, AZ and Jennifer Smetana, Medina, OH, are sisters, married with grown children. They love the outdoors, animals, children, and reading.  Working together researching and writing is exciting for both as they create and develop pieces of literature.


Terri Elders lives near Colville, WA. A frequent contributor to anthologies, including Chicken Soup for the Soul and others, she’s also a public member of the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission, Terri received the 2006 UCLA Alumni Association Award for Community Service. Visit her at http://atouchoftarragon.blogspot.com/


Diane Ellenwood, Adrian, Michigan, grew up in southeast Michigan and currently pastors a church in Michigan with her husband of 35 yrs, has 3 children and 8 grandchildren. She recently authored her first children’s book, “This Mis-Adventures of Three Amigos.”

Linda Rose Etter, Adrian, Michigan, taught school for 36 years in Michigan after graduating from Huntington College with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. Later she finished her Master of Arts in Biblical Studies. In 2011 she published a devotional book, Listen To HIS Heartbeat.

Raymond Fenech, Malta, G.C., began his career as a freelance journalist at 18 and worked for leading newspapers including The Times and Sunday Times, along with editing two nationwide magazines, The Globe Trotter and Living 2000. His work has been published in 12 countries.


Sandra Fischer taught high school English and owned a Christian bookstore in Indiana for several years.  Much of her writing is devoted to stories from her experiences growing up in the Midwest.  She has been published in Guideposts, anthologies and online in Faithwriters Magazine.  Sandra lives in South Carolina with her husband, Craig.


Phyllis Qualls Freeman is a freelance writer with more than 400 published articles and devotionals. She and her husband, Bill, are still making memories with their five grandchildren in Hixson, Tennessee.


Margaret Dornan Gamber’s publications include “Why We Do the Things We do,” Senior Living Magazine, Odes from the Heart, and poetry for her church newspaper. She studied at Kent State University and the University of California, Riverside. Residing with her husband in California, Margaret enjoys her two children and five grandchildren.


Annette Geroy, a lay minister with Mount Horeb House Ministries in Kerrville, TX, works extensively with women who have suffered sexual abuse. She tells the story of her own healing journey in Looking With New Eyes, My Journey from Bondage to Freedom.


Linda Gillis, Sun City, Arizona, is a writer of inspirational material and a retreat leader. She is a 2006 winner of the Guideposts Magazine Writer Workshop and an author of three meditation books for church support staff. Visit her at www.incidentsfrom.com


Donna Clark Goodrich, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband of over 50 years, is the author of 24 books and over 700 published manuscripts. Also a freelance proofreader/editor, she enjoys helping beginning writers get started and encouraging advanced writers not to give up. Visit her at www.thewritersfriend.net


Through Gift of Grace Ministries, published author, Anne Grace, writes and speaks God’s messages to His people (www.annesgrace.com). She participates in Hilton Head Island Writer’s Network, Christian Women in Media Association, and Aglow International. Anne and her husband have four children and nine grandchildren.


A retired school teacher, Alice King Greenwood began her writing career late in life. She writes poetry, short stories, articles, and music, and has been published in various periodicals and anthologies. Se and her husband have five children and many grandchildren, and have resided in West Texas for over 50 years.


Cona F. (“Faye”) Gregory-Adams, DeSoto, Missouri, writes poetry, children’s stories, nonfiction and short fiction. She has published in newspapers, magazines, poetry journals and anthologies. She serves as chapter representative to the Missouri State Poetry Society, and as chapter rep. from St. Louis Writers’ Guild to the Missouri Writers’ Guild.


Carolyn Griffin, a wife, mother and grandmother who lives in Tucson, Arizona enjoys arts and crafts, crocheting, drawing and painting, church and family activities, and especially story telling. Spending much of her life writing and sharing with children, she believes a
child’s soul can be touched by the words of a story. That is the desire of her heart.


Nikole Hahn lives in Northern Arizona. She’s a book reviewer, writer, outdoor enthusiast and coffee addict who blogs at www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com.

John J. Han is professor of English & Creative Writing at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, the author of three haiku books, and the author of numerous haiku published in several countries.

Barbara Haropolous (who writes under D.H. Barbara) is a New Jersey native, currently acclimating to life and baking in the Wild, Wild West. When she is not writing, she loves to cook, read, watch NASCAR, and attend Bible study. Her first novel, Seasons Of A Life, is available on Amazon.com.


Elaine Hardt is a retired teacher with 8 published books, 2,715 articles and stories published. For 8 years she’s headed the Prescott Valley (Arizona) Writers’ Networking Group. Her blog is www.EncouragingU.blogspot.com

Lisa Harris lives in blistering hot Tucson, Arizona with her two daughters, seven cats, three dogs, one persnickety fish tank, and eight tortoises. She writes to keep her sanity. When she is not writing or breaking up arguments among her brood, she works as a environmental consultant.

Lynne Hartke, Chandler, Arizona, is a writer, preschool music teacher, mom, grandmother and wife of a pastor and a politician. She blogs about encountering God in the ups and downs of life at http://www.lynnehartke.com/


Londa Hayden is a freelance writer and native Texan transplanted to Memphis area with her husband and three boys. Visit her website at http://londahayden.com and check out her new book, Date, Pray, Wait, available now online and in bookstores.


Christine Henderson, Alta Loma, California, writes children’s picture book stories, inspirational pieces and weekly skits for the children’s ministry at her church. In her blog, TheWriteChris.blogspot.com, she highlights writing tips she has learned and interviews other writers for their ideas on writing. She is a member of SCBWI as well as a regional writer’s group called CHAIRS. Visit her blog at: TheWriteChris.blogspot.com

Joanne Hendrix, Mesa, Arizona, is a full-time wife, mother of six, and grandmother of five beautiful grandbabies. She squeezes in teaching college English and is finishing up her second master’s degree. Christmas is her favorite season, and she is working on making it more of a joyous time of rich, family memories, and traditions rather than a mountain of wrapping paper.

Irish born writer and musician, Cora Holley lives in Chandler, Arizona with her family. She has been published on Mustardseedministries.org; TheBlueGuitarMagazine.org. and is a contributing author of “The French School, Bray, Remembered,” by Jennifer Flegg.

Annette Kathleen Hutchins, Durango, Colorado, earned a BFA degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, in Communication Arts and Design. A writer and illustrator of children’s books, she also writes puppet show skits for her church’s children’s ministry using the puppets she designed and constructed.


Multi-published Gay Ingram enjoys writing from the piney woods of East Texas. Twist of Fate, her latest novel, was released in 2010. Recently she published Some Write Thoughts, a book for writers seeking to perfect their craft. More information is available at her website: www.gayingram.com.


Jewell Johnson lives in Fountain Hills, Arizona, with her husband LeRoy. They have six children and nine grandchildren. Jewell has published three devotional books and over 300 articles in various magazines. Besides writing, she spends her time reading, walking, and quilting.


Deb Kemper is a freelance writer and cake designer. Currently she’s completing her first novel. She lives in the Kansas City area with her husband, Ken, and three dogs. Visit her at DebKemper.com


Loreen Marie Kollmorgen has lived in Mesa, Arizona for 28 years. She has been married for 47 years to Larry and has two children and three grandsons. She’s a retired cosmetologist and has published a children’s book Animal Patrol. She attends Arizona Community Church where she is a Stephen Minister


As a teacher, Joyce Komar watched numerous students blossom when they discovered the joy of writing stories. Now that she is retired to Phoenix, Arizona, she is experiencing some of that same joy with her own writing.


Nancy Julien Kopp grew up in Chicago but has lived in the Flint Hills of Kansas for many years. Her stories, articles and poems are in many anthologies, magazines, ezines and newspapers. A former teacher, Nancy still enjoys teaching through the written word, which she does regularly at her blog. www.writergrannysworld.blogspot.com

Jennifer Kruse resides in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband and two kids. Her newfound identity: Charlie and Trace’s mom. A daughter, sister, wife, and friend, she pens the blog http://sisterchick.wordpress.com discussing how God blessed her with the greatest responsibility of all—Motherhood.

At age fifty-one, Jerri Clark Legler, Sun City, Arizona, realized her lifelong desire of earning her high school diploma. Through the years she enjoyed writing short tales about people and incidents in her life, and in 2009 when she was eighty-four years old Reminisce magazine published her article, “Roughing It Was a Blessing.”


Carin LeRoy, Orlando, Florida, is a wife and mother of four. She has been a missionary with Pioneers since 1982 where she works now as a mission mobilizer. Her passions are family, piano, missions, and writing. They are blessed with five grandchildren.


Kris Lindsey, Loomis, California, enjoys any occasion that brings family and friends together, but don’t get her talking about scuba diving in Fiji unless you have lots of time. Kris holds a BA in Social Work, and writes about God’s help for hurting emotions at www.krislindsey.com


A studio painter, writer, and poet, Barbara Boothe Loyd of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is always inspired by beauty.

Frances E. Luymes is a USA citizen and permanent resident of Trenton, Ontario, Canada after marrying a Dutch-Canadian. She and her husband met on the internet at 79 and 80 and she left everything from her house on the golf course and the Pacific Ocean. She continues her writing and art in Trenton, Ontario.


Brendalyn Crudup Martin, Phoenix, Arizona, is a wife, mother and grandmother. She writes devotionals, personal experience, fiction and poetry and currently holds the title of Poet Laureate of the Arizona Supreme Court. She is currently working on a series of children’s stories.


Joyce McCullough, Manchester,Tennessee, has been a high school English teacher for 35 years and a freelance writer for the past 15 years. She is the pianist for the Manchester Cumberland Presbyterian Church and also helps teach high school students in the church’s LOGOS program.


Carol Meeks is the 2009 Oklahoma Senior Poet Laureate from Amy Kitchener’s Angels Without Wings contest. She has two wonderful sons, three grandsons, and is married to her
best friend, Pat, for almost 47 years. They are retired and live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Anita Mellott, Suwanee, Georgia, is an inspirational author whose articles have appeared in publications in India and North America. Her latest book, “School Is Where the Home Is: 180 Devotions for Parents,” is now available. When she’s not homeschooling, she blogs words of encouragement and hope at www.anitamellott.com.

Danielle Mendenhall is a wife and homeschooling mom of two from Cottonwood, Arizona. She loves reading, writing, singing and ballroom dancing. She is a full-time student majoring in Secondary English Education, very active in the local home education co-op program, and a lover of music and writing lyrics.


Kathy Collard Miller, Indio, California, is a popular women’s conference speaker who has spoken in 30 states and 7 foreign countries. She is the author of 49 books and lives in Southern California. Visit her at www.KathyCollardMiller.blogspot.com.

Carol Moncado, Republic, Missouri, spends her time with her husband and four kids, teaching Poli Sci and writing romantic comedy in the Ozarks. She is Editor-in-Chief of Pentalk Community Blog, ACFW member and MozArks ACFW founding member. Find her online at www.carolmoncado.com.

Diane Morgan raised her family in Mesa, Arizona, with a nod to her Hoosier roots. She is devoted to God and the Bible, her family, her friends, and her church. She is thankful for her day job as a paralegal, which funds her passions!


Peggy Halter Morris, Gilbert, Arizona, is married, has three children, and nine grandchildren. She has written materials for teachers and counselors: Character Education Three Minutes a Day and Color Your Character.  


Sherrie Murphree, Odessa, Texas, wife of Mel and mom of Marlon and Valerie, is a Bible teacher, church musician, and writer of inspirational articles and devotionals. Published in 30

different magazines and 9 book compilations, she loves to encourage others.


Juanita Wier Nobles is a retired teacher living in DeSoto, Missouri. She is an avid reader and enjoys writing, quilting, and painting. Her work has been published in several newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Juanita is the author of A Heritage of Faith, which you can find at her website, www.nobleschristianbook.com, or her blog, www.authorlady123.blogspot.com.


Ashleen O’Gaea is a mother, wife, and cat mommy who lives in Tucson, Arizona. She is the author of several fiction and nonfiction books about Wicca, and does not serve tomato juice or Danishes at any holiday meals.

Leola Ogle, Phoenix, Arizona, is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and native Arizonan. She retired January 2011, and is now devoting her time to pursuing my passion to write. Leola says she started her first novel when she was eleven years old, and hasn’t stopped writing since then.


Deborah Onderdonk lives in the city in which she was born and raised—St. Augustine, Florida, and works for the county property appraiser as a deed processor and mapper. She belongs to a new 30-member church where she ministers in evangelism and outreach.

Ginger O’Neill, Seminole, Florida, is a teacher, conference speaker, and author who shares from her heart. . She is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a Master of Education. She and her husband John live in Seminole, Florida. Visit her at http://www.gingeroneillministries.com

Noreen Ophoff lives in Grant, Michigan. Another of her childhood memories, entitled “Bushel Baskets,” was published by The Reformed Church of America’s online magazine,

H.O.P.E (Houses of Prayer Everywhere), in January 2011. Her farm upbringing connects her to strong family roots and a deep love for rolling land.


Betty Ost-Everley is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. A devoted wife and mother, she is employed as an administrative assistant. Betty is also a neighborhood activist, serves as a deacon in her church, and is on the Advisory Board of the Heart of America Christian Writers’ Network.

Andrea Arthur Owan is a freelance writer, speaker, retired educator and former home-

schooling mother who loves to travel with her family. She lives in Tucson, Arizona with

her husband Chris and their youngest son.    


Sharen Pearson, Cottonwood, Arizona, is a pastor’s wife and mother of five. She is the founder/teacher of Goof & Giggle Mom/Tot classes and the host/creator of BabyFirstTV’s Baby D.I.Y. program. www.sharenpearson.com


Cherry Pedrick, Lacey, Washington, is the coauthor of seven books, including The OCD Workbook, Third Edition and The Habit Change Workbook. She has written articles for Northwest Witness and others. Visit her website at CherryPedrick.com and blog at ocd-breakingfree.blogspot.com. Email: Cherlene@aol.com


Connie Peters has 28 years of writing experience in fiction, poetry and inspirational nonfiction. She and her husband live in Southwest Colorado, have two grown children, and host two adults with developmental disabilities. She enjoys art, music and travel.

Tammy Pfaff of Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, is a wife and mother of four children. Formally a graphic artist, she studies journalism at DCCC. Her passion is writing, scrapbooking, and sunsets on the beach.

Peggy Blann Phifer is an author and columnist, whose work has appeared both in print and online. A retired executive assistant, she published her first novel, To See the Sun, in 2012. Peg makes her home in southern Nevada with husband Jim. Visit her at: http://peggyblannphifer.com

Carol Mottinger Ramirez, a retired Texas educator, lives in Gainesville, Florida, with her husband Fred. Carol enjoys her volunteer work at church, being a MOPS mentor mom, traveling, and creating treasured moments with family and friends.


Annette Rey, Arnold, Missouri, is president of the Writer’s Society of Jefferson County. She is eager to share helpful ideas and hear your suggestions at http://www.annetterey.com


Lorilyn Roberts lives in Gainesville, Florida. She has published three books and is the founder of the John 3:16 Marketing Network. You may visit her website at http://lorilynroberts.com.


Janet Roller, Forest City, North Carolina, has been a singer, speaker, writer and worship leader since being named Miss South Carolina 1997. A wife and mother of two, Janet shares her gift of communicating a message of God’s love through music and the written word.


Pat Rowland, Cordova, Tennessee, is retired from Methodist Healthcare as corporate director for Patient Affairs. Bachelor’s degree in healthcare consumer relations and master’s in religious studies. Married, with one daughter, she’s a writer, Bible teacher, active in church’s prayer groups and shut-in ministry. Blog site: Prayerful Pondering at http://patlrowland.wordpress.com/


Jo Russell is a writer, columnist, Sunday school teacher, and speaker who writes of her everyday challenges as a single mom raising sons from diapers to adulthood. Her inspirational stories, devotionals, and humor have been in dozens of magazines and she has won a number of national writing contests. Jo lives in a small northeast Arizona town and loves it. Visit her blog at Button-to-God.com.


Joanne Sandlin, Prescott Valley, Arizona, says that sitting on a kitchen stool measuring flour and sugar, making cookies, and other goodies led to her lifelong interest in cooking and recipe collecting, and publishing her own cookbook The Front Burner With Family and Friends, as well as 13 years of sharing the love of cooking for family and friends through a recipe column which is always a recipe for happiness. She is a member of the Northern Arizona Word Weavers.


Patti Schieringa, Holland, Michigan, helps people smile, to be glad, to make them laugh. Her late husband married Patricia but lived with Patti twenty-two years. When he grew a white beard, she became Mrs. Claus. Visit her at: pattikayck@yahoo.com


Debbie Schmid, Tucson, Arizona, has written two best sellers and multiple short stories and articles for various publications. This spring she was a featured writer in Chicken Soup for the Soul; New Moms. She enjoys writing, speaking, teaching God’s word, quilting, and scrapbooking. Debbie has a beautiful daughter and son-in-law, and one grandchild.


Reba Cross Seals, writer, teacher, and artist, lives with husband, David, in Alpine, Texas. She is writing a book on living through grief, and also monitors alternative certification teachers.


Verna Simms, a retired librarian and member of Jefferson County Writers’ Society, has been published in magazines, anthologies, and the local paper. Verna is currently working on two novels from her home in Festus, Missouri, close to her two daughters and grandchildren.


Karen Strand lives in the beautiful northwest with her husband, Paul. Her articles have been published in a wide variety of magazines, including Focus on the Family and Guideposts. She has authored 1 book and has contributed to 10 anthologies. Visit her website at: www.karenstrand.com


Nanette Thorsen-Snipes, Buford, Georgia, has published more than 500 articles, stories, and devotions. Her stories are in more than 50 compilation books, including Guideposts books and Chicken Soup for the Soul, among others. www.nanettesnipes.com


Donna Collins Tinsley, wife, mother and grandmother, lives in Port Orange, Florida and has been included in several magazines and book compilations. Find her at Facebook, http://thornrose7.blogspot.com


Freda Hatfield Tong and her husband Peter were missionaries to Taiwan for many years. They now live in Fontana, California, where both are involved in writing projects. Freda especially enjoys writing inspirational stories and poems.


Janis Van Keuren, Oro Valley, Arizona, is a wife, mother to two adopted sons, a special education teaching assistant, and a published freelance writer. With a degree in journalism, she writes heartfelt stories of hope, faith, insight, and true-life experiences to encourage and inspire other Christian women.

Coleene VanTilburg, Chino, California, shares that the loss of her oldest son five years ago jumpstarted her desire to write and share, a healing process that continues. Co-leading an Aspiring Writer’s group and working at the local high school as a special education aide also keeps her active and involved in many situations which bring inspiration.


Josephine (Jo) Walker, is a wife of 50 years, mother of 3, and grandmother of 11. She’s been blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a caregiver, and now a writer. She is the author of HOPE, a mystery with a touch of romance wrapped up in God’s love and wisdom.


Anna Roberts Wells was born and raised in central Arkansas in a family whose roots predate the American Revolution. She is a former teacher and retired social worker living with her husband in the St. Louis area. They have four children and four grandchildren.


Connie Wesela, Gilbert, Arizona, retired in 2010 from a twenty-year career in education and enrolled in a Creative Writing program. The mother of two adult children, Connie writes nonfiction, personal essay and short stories, and is currently working on a novella. Her blog can be viewed at Wesala-mythirdlife.blogspot.com.


Cass Wessel is a retired minister, currently living in rural Pennsylvania where Amish buggies rattle along the macadam roadways. She enjoys writing, supply preaching, and her garden. She enjoys times spent with her family, friends and church.


Christy Williams is a freelance writer, blogger, and stay-at-home mom from Mesa, Arizona. When she isn’t writing or playing with her 4 and 1-year-old boys, she enjoys scrapbooking family photos, volunteering with the teens at church, and creating new dishes in the kitchen.


Aside from writing and publishing for seventeen years, Jean Ann Williams raises goats and one dog and a cat. She lives in a quaint valley in Southern Oregon with her husband. Learn more about Jean at http://joshua-mom.blogspot.com/.


Liane Williams has warm memories of cold West Michigan Christmases.   She still treats her children to real trees and Cardamom bread.  She enjoys sharing her heart through writing. 


Deb Wuethrich, Adrian, Michigan, works as a staff writer for the Tecumseh Herald in Tecumseh, Michigan. She has been published in Evangel, Woman’s Touch, and Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs, among others, and is also a 2003 Amy Award recipient.


Lenna Wyatt lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she enjoys writing “Erma Bombeck” type stories. The mother of 5, grandmother of 7, and great grandmother of 2, she has written several hundred poems and 30 songs. She is the secretary of the Fountain Hills writers group.

Donna Goodrich

Donna Goodrich

Donna Clark Goodrich is the author of 24 books and over 700 published manuscripts. As a Christian Writers, Donna lives in Mesa, Arizona.