Call Waiting

Call Waiting





Merle Amodeo


Author:  Merle Amodeo

Title: Call Waiting

ISBN: 978-1-897475-46-1

Suggested Retail : $19.95

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‘Call Waiting’ is a love story of inner conflict that revolves around a TV reporter and the corporate landscape of the communication media. A former cop, now private detective, weaves through the story testing the bounds of a relationship. Characters find who they really are despite themselves.



Call Waiting is a smart and fast-paced story about our times and the ways in which we relate in these times. It is a colourful and imaginative narrative, told with wit and charm. A bright new talent has arrived on the literary landscape.

Joe Kertes,

Dean of School of Creative and Performing Arts,

Humber College,

winner of Leacock award for humour .


Merle Amodeo

Merle Amodeo

Merle Amodeo remembers writing creatively as soon as she could form letters into words. She was born in Toronto in 1939. She has published two poetry chapbooks 'Let Me In' and 'Because of You'. Merle is presently working on her second novel.