Chris Faiers

chris_faiers_book_launch_dec_2008Eric Amann, publisher of Haiku magazine, gave Chris early encouragement circa 1967. Chris has been writing and publishing haiku his entire adult life. His work has consistently been at the forefront in the development of English language haiku and haibun, and the online version of this book is likely the most widely read English language haibun.

His poetry has been widely published internationally in literary magazines, anthologies and scholarly texts and broadcast on radio and TV. EPID has become a frequent reference for documentaries and historical books.

Chris is also known for lyrical and political poetry. In 1987 he was honoured with the inaugural Milton Acorn People’s Poet Award. Chris has been active as an organizer of poetry events and associations. He founded Unfinished Monument Press in 1978, and the Main Street Library Poetry Series in Toronto in 1979. In 2007 he began coordinating annual Purdy Country Literary Festivals (PurdyFests). Chris was a founding member of Haiku Canada and the Canadian Poetry Association. He is an honourary life member of the Canada-Cuba Literary Alliance.

In 1989 he moved to an Ontario village on the edge of the Canadian Shield, where he earned his living as village librarian. Now retired, he wanders remote trails and acts as steward of his ZenRiver Gardens retreat. Chris’ 2008 Hidden Brook Press collection, ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun, relates some of his experiences in this wild and untamed countryside. He continues to develop and promote this new subgenre of “shaman haibun” which he helped create with ZR:P&H. You can follow his poetry and activities on his blog Riffs and Ripples from ZenRiver Gardens.

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Feature Image for web - Green Eel Pie Island Dharma - I like books that open new worlds for me. This is one. It will take you on a tour of the weird and wonderful world of hippies—not as seen by an outsider or imagined by us ordinary people, but as remembered by a genuine draft-resisting, love-making, pot-smoking 1960s hippie. Things like that couldn’t happen today. The world has changed. I remember going to a love-in on a California beach in 1966, where the security was provided by the Hells Angels and everything went swimmingly. Even with the brutality of the Vietnam War in the background, in some ways our society was more innocent then.

Previous Collections by Chris Faiers

  • ZenRiver: Poems & Haibun (Hidden Brook Press, 2008)
  • Small Press Lynx (co-editor with Mark McCawley; co-published
  • Unfinished Monument Press, Greensleeve Editions, 1991)
  • Eel Pie Dharma: a memoir/haibun (Unfinished Monument Press, 1990)
  • Moon City (haiku – Greensleeve Publishing, 1989)
  • 13 Bohemian Dreams (Unfinished Monument Press, 1988)
  • Mr Library Man (Haiku Canada broadsheet, 1988)
  • Foot Through the Ceiling (Aya/Mercury Press, 1986)
  • 5 Minutes Ago They Dropped The Bomb (Unfinished Monument Press, 1984)
  • The Unfinished Anthology (co-editor, Unfinished Monument Press, 1984)
  • Island Women (HMS Press, 1983)
  • White Rasta in Wintertime (Unfinished Monument Press, 1982)
  • Unacknowledged Legislator (blewointmentpress, 1981)
  • Sleeping in Ruins ( haiku – Unfinished Monument Press, 1981)
  • White Rasta (Unfinished Monument Press, 1980)
  • College Streetcar Runs All Night (Unfinished Monument Press, 1979)
  • Dominion Day in Jail (Unfinished Monument Press, 1978)
  • Guest in a Garden (haiku – C&C Printing, 1969)
  • Cricket Formations (haiku – C&C Printing, 1969)
Chris Faiers

Chris Faiers