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Reflections on the Past

Memoir Series

Helping To Keep Your Memories Alive

In Poetry or Prose


A gift that only you can give.



Do you have a story in a shoe box full of hand-written notes and old photographs or a finished manuscript? Do you have a photo album and stories locked in memory and don’t know where to start? No matter what stage you are at with your story, our job is to bring your finished book to print. 

Reflections on the Past is a division of Hidden Brook Press. We have over 15 years of publishing experience.  You can find us at www.hiddenbrookpress.com


Free Evaluation and Editing:

Kimberley Sherman Grove, experienced writer and editor, (see bio note below) can talk with you about what help you need. Reflections on the Past can help you in many ways. If you already have a finished, typed manuscript on a disk you can email it for a free evaluation. If your manuscript needs any level of work we can edit the first ten pages, free of charge, to show how we can make your work shine and ready for publication. If your manuscript needs no work we can talk about the publishing process. If you would like Kim to interview you and write your story we can talk about the best way to get started. We will give you a free estimate of just how much time it will take to arrive at a finished manuscript.

Ask your children about what they know about your life. Do they know about your achievements, your hardships?  Do they know that their aunt was crowned queen at her high school prom or how the family struggled to survive during the depression? Do they know who in the family is a war hero or how they kept the family farm or business together?

Publishing your memoir is a wonderful way to share your life with your loved ones as well as to pass on the lessons you have learned. It’s a gift that only you can give.

You can include a family tree, photographs, old letters, artwork, maps, newspaper or magazine clippings, or any other items that help to tell your story!


Your Finished Book:

As part of the “Legal Deposit” program of “Library and Archives Canada,” your book will be sent to the National Library as a permanent part of their archives for future generations to read.


Getting Started:

A free consultation will help you decide what you want your book to be, the sharing of family secrets or stories of your past. Would you like to focus on just one episode of your life or cover a longer period of time. Would you like it to be inspirational – thoughts about bringing up children or starting your business? Finding out what you want will ensure success.

How do you begin?  Reflections of the Past is here to help. Just ask Kim. You can contact her at - kesgrove@yahoo.ca or by phone 613-475-2365.  If you are long distance Kim can call you right back.


The Interviewing Process:

If you don’t have a finished manuscript, our experienced memoir writer, Kimberley Sherman Grove, will interview you, your family and friends. She will browse through family albums with you to choose photos for the book. With your help, she will sort through your treasure boxes to see what unique items can be added to the book.

Kimberley's interviewing experience from writing feature articles for newspapers and magazines as well as her time as a local news reporter will put your stories into your personal voice. You will have the opportunity to review drafts of the writing at every stage to ensure the book exactly fits your vision.  Kim can show you examples of other projects of how different approaches achieve different results.


Typing your book:

Some clients simply hand us their finished hand-written manuscript or collection of poems. We will type it up for you and give you a copy before the layout of your book.



We will do the paperwork to get ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and the CIP (Catalogue in Publication) data so that your book will be in the archives of the National library of Canada. We’ll scan your pictures, lay out your book, provide cover design and a finished proof copy in book form all before we hand you a finished book. When we are finished you will have a book that you can be proud to present to your family and put on your coffee table.


Our Experience:

We have been publishing for over 15 years. All of our books have had different levels of involvement.  For some we did minor or major editing or re-write, for others we simply did the layout and design. Here is a list of a few of our memoir books.  For a sample of other books you can request our catalogue.

- Edited by Kimberley Sherman Grove, Joy of Music, a memoir of a woman’s life as a music teacher and performer.

- Edited by Kimberley Sherman Grove, Brothers Don’t Fight, a memoir of a local family and their loving support of each other.

- Edited by Richard M. Grove, Lifting the Veil, a memoir of a woman’s life in a convent.

- Designed and published, Barcovan 20, a collection of poetry about family life. ISBN –

- Designed and published, Saving the World From Self, a poetry collection about surviving abuse.

- Written by Richard M. Grove, From Cross Hill, a Cuba travel memoir in poetry and prose.

- Written by Richard M. Grove, Trapped in Paradise, a Cuba travel memoir. ISBN –

- Written by Kimberley Sherman Grove, Stories Inked, the combined stories of  Holocaust survivors.

 See cover images below.


Bio Note:

Kimberley Sherman Grove has had articles published in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Watershed Magazine and The Christian Science Monitor. She was a freelance reporter providing weekly articles for three local newspapers.

 She was editor for “Si Cuba” and “No Love Lost” as well as having been published in numerous anthologies. She has taught several classes in creative and memoir writing and is currently teaching at Loyalist College in Belleville.


Reflections of the Past is a subsidiary of Hidden Brook Press.

Find us at www.hiddenbrookpress.com.


Reflections of the Past

109 Bayshore Road

Brighton, On

K0K 1H0

kesgrove@yahoo.ca or by phone 613-475-2365.



once upon a sandbox

Once Upon a Sandbox

A marvellous family friendly book that will lift your spirits.

by C. R. Wilker



book - Karen Cole - Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

A memoir about leaving the convent life

by Karen L. Cole





Book of poetry by Phillip Regman published by Reflections on the Past

Saving the World From Self: Or Should I Say Selfishness

A memoiresk poetry collection by

Phillip Regman


Book Cover - Brothers Don't Fight

Brothers Don't Fight

A True Life Family Story

by Gwendoline Scaletta



Cover - Trapped in Paradise

Trapped In Paradise

A travel memoir about Cuba

by Richard M. Grove


Cover - From Cross Hill

From Cross Hill

A travel memoir about Cuba

by Richard M. Grove


the Crash of Flight 105


The Crash of Flight 105: A Psychic Journey to the Truth

(A true life story about a plain crash)

by Melanie Martin