Tilted Equilibrium


Kate Marshal Flaherty

Published by

Hidden Brook Press

ISBN - 1-894553-70-5


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The poems in Tilted Equilibrium will knock you off kilter, pitch you over the handlebars and into the mud, tickled by dazzle, splashed in the loblolly of language, word-spiced by varieties of experience as you move from childhood, through adolescent awakening, to childbirth, motherhood, and on into the bitter-sweet triumphs and disappointments of adulthood. As you read, you might weep a tear of sorrow, a tear of joy, a tear to bless us all as we are caught up in the beautiful salt-washed benedictions of the human predicament. As Kate Marshall Flaherty writes by way of a self-embrace in the closing lines of her coda: Oh teardrop, / become a benediction: / may your purging water / mist up clestial; / your bright white dust be / left like manna, / powderfine blessing of salt.  John B. Lee, Poet Laureate of Brantford

Kate Marshall Flaherty has skill fully sewn her poetic homilies into a circular quilt of slanted perceptions that illuminate realities as wistful as dandelion seeds and as magnificent as grief. The light falls on every well chosen word.
Linda Rogers, People's Poet 2000