String of Mysteries
Kate Marshall Flaherty

Published by

Hidden Brook Press

ISBN - 978-1-897475-10-2


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Previous Publications (and prizes!)

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About the Author

Kate Marshall Flaherty is a poet, yoga instructor, teen retreat guide and one of the founding members of the Children's Peace Theatre. She has won awards for her poetry, including Word Magazine Poetry Prize, the Silver Hammer Poetry Award, THIS Magazine and Canadian Church Press Award. As well, she was shortlisted for Descant's Best Canadian Poem and the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize. Katie was interviewed by Rosie Fernandez of CBC's “Words At Large” for participating in National Random Acts of Poetry week, where she “poemed” people in hospitals, cafes, parks, art galleries and yoga classes, giving away her first book published by Hidden Brook Press. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three spirited children. Katie teaches “Writing as a Spiritual Practice” workshops, which says it all!

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Blurbs about the book

"These poems explore with fascination the myriad of mysteries in everyday life. They weave images, lace together seemingly disperate vignettes, and string the reader along on a journey of sorrow and joy, searching and epiphany. Ranging from luminous instants in mundane family moments in "Blood Ties," to reflections on the life of Jesus in "Strand of Light," to ruminations on the many shining signs of One-ness in "Filaments," these poems loop back on themselves and come to view images from many angels. The themes of inter-connectedness, of life in death, of lessons in the "snags," make the fabric of this book rich in its many layers. These poems become meditations in themselves."

Kathy Murtha, Editorial Board, Canadian Women's Studies Journal

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Katie Marshall Flaherty’s poetry gives us the front porches and backyards of “the nation of the heart”. A man making pickles, children reading fairy tales by flashlight, a woman holding the head of her dying friend—in each poem, we are taken inside a place we know to be home. Here is a collection that celebrates, above all, what it means to be alive in the world.

Anne Simpson, Griffin Poetry Prize, Canadian Winner, 2004

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I would like to thank Allan Briesmaster once more for his incredible insights, keen attention to detail, and much-appreciated affirmation as this book evolved. I would like to thank Richard Grove as well for his support and unflinching faith in me, for which I am truly grateful. I am indebted as well to Anne Simpson, who challenged me to open up, pare down, and dig deep to the essence of many of these poems, and to the wonderful Banff Writing with Style Program, and its creative participants, who made this possible. Thanks also to my two poetry workshop groups–Donna Langevin, Chris Pannell, Allan Briesmaster, Alison Hancock, Rosemary Clewes, Susan Helwig, Carla Hartsfield, Phoebe Tsang, Joan Latchford, and the Muses--Clara Black wood, Yaqoob Ghaznavi, Valerie Kaelin, Francine Lewis, and David Clink, whose careful and creative suggestions polished raw stones into gems. I appreciate so dearly as well both James Dewar and Sue Reynold's imaginative prompts, edits and suggestions that helped to germinate, hone and shape some of these poems. Finally, I am so grateful for the creative inspirations of my friend and mentor Kathy Murtha, and for the constant support and glowing affirmation of the Spiritans, especially Pat FitzPatrick, Gerald FitzGerald, Mike Doyle, Locky Flannagan and Paul McAuley.

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Previous Publications (and prizes!)

Several poems, or versions thereof, have appeared in , Freefall Magazine, The Spiritan Missionary Magazine, The Saving Bannister and Ascent Aspirations. "Pullis and Pinyetti" won second place for the Silver Hammer Poetry Prize 2007. "The Spaces In Between" won second place in Freefall Magzine's Poetry awards. "Guardians" won second prize for the Arborealis Poetry Prize. "Far Away" was shortlisted for Descant's Winston Collins Best Canadian Poem 2006, and several poems in this book were shortlisted for the Pablo Neruda Poetry Prize 2006.

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