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The Rock in the Water

Bill Conall


The Rock in the Water has been
short listed for the

Stephen Leacock award!

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ISBN – 978-1-897475-29-4

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Comments From Readers
About the Author

“The Rock in the Water” is a collection of short stories about real people written by, Bill Conall, one of the best story tellers you will ever come across. Enjoy the vivid characters painted into an equally well painted landscape and social situations that everyone will relate to. You will have to wipe away tears of sadness as well as joy. Sometimes funny and sometimes sad this book will take you places and meet people that you swear you have met, seen or been. Enjoy 350 pages of great reading.

Comments From Readers:

Conall has “a brilliant way of looking inside a person and seeing the beauty and humanity hidden there.”
Glenda Thornton, Author of “Foggy Cat” Saint John, New Brunswick

“I had a feeling of being there at every turn of the page.  I kept saying I’ll just read 5 more pages and then stop.  Hah!”
Judy Vannesse, National Guild Piano Instructor, Montpelier, VT

“It’s a rollicking romp through the hilarious and sometimes heart rending experiences of the many completely believable characters.”
Ernie MacAuley, former bus driver, Victoria B.C.

“It’s a good, fun read.  I enjoyed every paragraph.”
Ned Root, Kindly Old Gentleman, Brockville, Ontario

“What a rich book!  Even the goat has more personality than some of my neighbours!”
J. Haskins, Cambridge, Ontario

“The stories are like the man; fun, unpredictable and impossible not to love.”
Rosemary McLean, Spouse, Tarbot, N.S

About the Author:

I realized recently that I have been on the move for a long time.  I grew up in Carleton Place, Ontario and lived various cities and towns around the province.  At age 35 I packed up my guitar bag of songs and wandered west, settling for several years in Saskatoon.  From there I moved to British Columbia, this time wearing the uniform of a salesman.  I spent a year on Quadra Island and the rest of my sojourn in the Lower Mainland.  It was there that I began my twelve‑year trucking career running the 'triangle' from Vancouver to California to Montreal and Toronto and back, passing through all of the Lower 48 states and seven Canadian provinces in a big truck.  I kept my eyes and ears open and a notebook handy.

After eight years on the Wet Coast I returned to live again in Ontario.  In addition to my song bag and two albums of original material, I also carried a box of short stories and poetry, the beginnings of this book and some publishing credits.  I continued trucking, plucking and writing until moving to Cape Breton in 2007. 

And here I stay.  I have made a home in Cape Breton on the back side of Murray Mountain and have no intention of living anywhere else for the remainder of my life.  I cut firewood, assist in the garden, make up songs and stories, play darts on Thursday and cribbage on Monday and study the Gaelic language with my neighbours. 

Life is good.

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