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Saving the World From Self
Or Should I Say Selfishness

Poems by
Phillip Regman

A Hidden Brook Press book "On Cloud Nine" by Jake Hogeterp.

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ISBN – 978-1-897475-65-2


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Regman’s Saving the World From Self:  Or Should I Say Selfishness is a an invitation to intimately converse about the many-colored shades of human nature. Unnoticing, the reader will share a vision focused from a collective self that blurs nonessential differences and rises to a transcending good, to equality in God’s love. This touching dialogue permutes the very terrestrial and colloquial with the heavenly. In all honesty, Regman sits on the edge of eternity and fuses with its flow while offering the reader a thoughtful poetic meditation that tells of a very personal renewal. Saving the World From the Self… is also distinctive because it reveals the plasticity of language in a very special way; in verses that are notorious for their internal cadence, the hidden hues of words lie bare under Regman’s fresh light.

 Dr. Manuel Velázquez León


Professor University of Holguín


Saving the World From Self is a profound, deeply expressive collection of poetry by a reflective first-time author. These heartfelt poems come from a man that has graduated from the school of tough love.  While some of this collection may have served as a cathartic expedition, through the bumpy landscape of life, it is none the less a perceptive and down to earth portrayal of a spiritual journey. Saving the World From Self is a fine example of people's poetry that speaks from the gut travelling through difficult times, with growing faith, and coming out the other end of the proverbial tunnel a whole and better man. This collection is insightful and down to earth and is a genuine expression of being without lapsing into sappy. 



About the Book:


‘Saving the World From Self’ is a road map through paths that are often uncomfortable to travel. Exploring one’s self can be a scary place. Phillip Regman shares his very personal journey through poems to this place in first class, with all the amenities thereof— Dynamically engaging concepts, and points of interest that are as diverse as community and the human condition. I treasured this alliance and found that it was a familiar place.

 We learn through him that love is hard and beautiful. That growth is an adventure and forgiveness is not always a selfish act because when we forgive all benefit more. Phillip Regman’s unique style offers the reader many thoughtful phrases that we can keep in our mental file and use when needed. ‘Saving the World From Self’ is funny, inspirational and very entertaining to read.


 Stephanie Capers

Biographical note from the author:


"With all the mistakes I've made so far in life,

I won't embarrass the institutions I've attended.

Although school is so very important, 

education fundamental to any civilized society,

life has a way of teaching what’s not

learned in school.

I think those lessons and experiences

are so much more interesting

I think what’s really important is by our application

of what was learned"


Phillip Regman,

Native New Yorker now resides in California