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Aqua Planet


Philip Comfort

A Hidden Brook Press book "Aqua Planet" by Philip Comfort

Published by

Hidden Brook Press

ISBN – 978-1-897475-49-2


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“These are poems about confluence—of river and sea, of sea and shore, of both with man and dog, of father and son, of spirit and Spirit. They are laced with close observation, awe humility, pleasure and pondering. If you love where the ocean meets the land (and all the creatures drawn to that meeting), you will value these words of poetic tribute.”

Daniel Taylor

Professor of English, Bethel University

St. Paul, Minnesota




Author Bio Note:

Philip Comfort studied Greek and English at the Ohio State University (where he received an MA), then went on to get a doctorate in literary interpretation from the University of South Africa. He has been a senior editor at Tyndale House Publishers for nearly 25 years, and he has taught English, Religion, and Greek at several colleges, including Wheaton College, Columbia International University, and Coastal Carolina University.  He has authored several academic books and two novels, Rescued Retriever and Caribbean Castaways. He was the New Testament coordinating editor and one of the translators for the New Living Translation, which has sold over 20 million copies. He lives in Pawleys Isalnd, South Carolina, with his beloved wife, Georgia.

His love of poetry began when he was a teenager. He emulated the style of Dylan Thomas in his early years, then he went on to develop his own style. His favorite poets include John Donne, Emily Dickinson, and Gerard Manley Hopkins. He (with Daniel Partner) compiled a a volume entitled A Poem A Day (Lion Hudson, England); it contains 365 poems of spiritual poets, with commentary. Then he wrote Spirit Journey, a collection of autobiographical poems, reflecting on his journey from events like Woodstock, the Kent State shootings (May 4, 1970), to his wife’s successful battle with cancer in the 1990s. She has been a continual source of inspiration to him throughout his life. His other two books of poems were inspired by the ocean: Oceanic and Seascapes, which was nominated for the Pushcart Award.