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Northumberland Arts Annual

Artists, Photographers,

Craftspeople, and Artisans

of the Northumberland area and beyond.

Northumberland Arts Annual

Published by

Hidden Brook Press

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"Some Questions Answered."


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Northumberland Arts Annual

2nd Annual

Artists, photographers,

Craftspeople, and Artisans

of the Northumberland area and beyond.


Artists from other areas are welcome.


Submission Deadline:

June 30, 2015



Hidden Brook Press will publish the 2nd annual coordinated by Robert Granger at Blue Entropy Media - This book will show case Artists, photographers, Craftspeople, and Artisans from the Northumberland area. There will be a special listing for artists that live outside of the Northumberland area – all are welcome in this book. This perfect bound book will be full colour including cover and inside pages.

Each artist will have the opportunity to have 2, 4 or 8 pages including a bio picture on the bio page.

Here is your opportunity to show case your work and include your contact info including, phone, email address and url. Secure your place in local art history.


For samples of the 1st annual please contact Robert Granger at Blue Entropy Media -

Juried Entry:

To ensure the highest quality work, inclusion in book will be juried.


Submission Fee:  If you work in more than one medium you can purchase any combination of pages.      

            $30 = 1 art page plus 1 bio / contact info page plus one copy of the book.

            $50 = 3 art pages plus 1 bio / contact info page plus one copy of the book.

            $100 = 7 art pages plus 1 bio / contact info page plus one copy of the book.

Make cheque payable to Hidden Brook Press


Copies of the Book:

Each participant will receive 1 free copy of the book. More copies of the book will be available to artists at a 40% discount. Orders can be places at any time after the publication. 


Number of Image Files: 

Please send a maximum of 5 images for each art page. We will do the layout of your art page/s according to how many images you send per page.  You can send just one image per page or a maximum of 5 images per page. See below for details on how to name your image files.


Bio Picture:

Please send one portrait of yourself. Your bio pic will go on the info page with your contact info, artist statement and your bio. Send 300 dpi bio pic – the file name for your pic will be your name.


Book Description:

Size of book – 8.5 X 11 – full colour cover, full colour inside pages.

Inside paper will be on 70lb white paper

The cover will be perfect bound satin laminated.


Deadline: June 30, 2015

Please NOTE: This Deadline will not be extended for this second Northumberland Arts Annual.


Estimated Publication Date:

September, 2014, Sorry for the short deadline for this first arts annual. We are hoping that if all goes as planned we will have books finished and delivered in time for Brighton AppleFest, October Arts Month as well as other events during October and November. The books will be available well in advance of Christmas events and individual participant orders. If you know of an event that we should participate in please let us know by email –


File Format:

Send your images as 300 dpi TIFF, or jpeg format. Please format the file name with your artist name, image title and please number each image. See attached form for file name format. You must name your image files properly.

Some Questions Answered:

1. Where and to whom do you expect to sell this Arts Annual?  

The Arts Annual will be available on Amazon around the world as well as some local bookstores and retailers. Our Co-ordinator, Robert Granger at Blue Entropy Media will be selling the book at street fairs, festivals, book launches, exhibitions, etc. If you have any suggestions as to where the book might sell you can contact him directly -

2. What is the price point?

At this point we don't know how much the book will retail for because we don't know how many artists will be in the book - we don't know how thick it will be. As soon as we know the retail price we will post it.

3. How many do you expect to print?

For this first arts annual the book will be printed by my our POD printer. the first print run will be about 200 copies with fallowup print runs as they are needed. Authors can order as many or as few extra copies as they like at a 40% discount. Printing POD is wonderful, we can order as few as one book - amazing.

4. Do you expect to put them in all the Northumberland Public Libraries?

Our expectation is that the book will be placed in more than just Northumberland libraries. Our distributor is Ingram. They have an international distribution method. We also serve many Library Service Companies.

5. Are you soliciting ads?

We are not selling ad space in the book.

Sample Layout:

Your pages will be laid out in a similar manner as this sample. You can have one image on a page or up to five images on a page.  You can purchase 2, 4 or 8 pages - see the prices above. If you have specific requirements you can let Robert, our coordinator, know.


If you buy in at 4 or 8 pages all of the following pages will be art pages with 1 to 5 images per page.


Artists - Please email the coordinator, Robert Granger, for a copy of this below form.



Northumberland Arts Annual 2014

Contact and Publication Information Form


Submission Deadline: July 31, 2014


Every participant must fill in this form!



Please fill in this form. Robert will email you a copy:

                                Robert Granger at Blue Entropy Media –


Save as your Artist Name: Please save this form as your artist name and send it to Robert. If it is saved as your artist  name your form will not get separated from your image files.  See below how to save your image files.


How many pages are you paying for:  2, 4 or 8 pages?   _____  pages.   See info page for submission fees.


For our administration file:


Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Contact Email:

Contact Address:


For inside the book:


Please fill in the form below exactly how you would like to see your information in the book. If you do not want portions of this info in the book please leave the area blank.


Artist Name:

Artist Phone/s:

Artist Email:

Website / URL:

Studio / Home Address:


Artist Statement / Medium Description: (maximum 200 words) This is a selling statement that will appear in the book exactly as you give it to us. Please describe your medium, and/or your unique talent, and/ or your philosophic purpose, and/or why you do what you do.


Artist Bio: (maximum 200 words) Be sure that the text for your bio is correct. We will cut and paste your information. We will not edit your information. All text must be Finished, Edited, Copy Edited.


List all of your files: It is important that you name all of your image files correctly. The file name will help us to put your images in the book in the correct order and on the correct page. Please type all of your file names below on the next page as part of this document. Here is an example of how your image file names should look. The file name will include your name, image number, the page number and the image name.







BobSmith-006-page2-Jumping Horses


List of File Names: Type your image file names on the page.





Reviewers: If you would like to write and publish a review of this

book please contact the publisher for a free copy of the book and.

Please feel free to use any material from this

website.  On request we will email you high res pics of the cover

Contact the publisher - Richard Grove / Tai 613-475-2368

Coordinator - Robert Granger -