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First set of five books  - Click on the title to see larger cover and info about authors.

— M.E. Csamer – Kingston – "A Month Without Snow"
     – Prose  – ISBN – 978-1-894553-87-2

— Elizabeth Greene – Kingston –
"The Iron Shoes"  -
     – Poetry  – ISBN – 978-1-894553-76-6

— Richard Grove – Brighton –
"A Family Reunion"  -
     – Prose  – ISBN – 978-1-894553-90-2

 — R.D. Roy – Trenton – "A Pre-emptive Kindness"  -
     – Prose  – ISBN – 978-1-894553-80-3

— Eric Winter – Cobourg – "The Man In The Hat"  -
     – Poetry  – ISBN – 978-1-894553-77-3

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M.E. Csamer

"A Month Without Snow

– Prose 

– ISBN – 978-1-894553-87-2


Description: A Month Without Snow comprises a novella and a one act play. In the novella, six people choose to live together for one month in an isolated farmhouse. Their time is documented on tape, in notes and through internal monologues. They are here for a reason, but what is it?    Never Cry, Woolf, the play, asks the question: Where do we go after we die - at least, once we get out of the waiting room.

The Author:
Since 1984, M. E. Csamer has been widely published in Canadian literary magazines from coast to coast. Her first book, Paper Moon, appeared in 1998 from the exciting young collective, watershedBooks. She is a former board member of The ArtBar poetry reading series in Toronto, and the Book and Periodical Council's Freedom to Read committee. After two terms as League President, she currently serves as Past President. Her latest full length collection, Light is What We Live In (Artful Codger Press, 2005) explores the theme of light through various manifestations and metamorphoses. Csamer lives on a small Bay near Kingston, Ontario.

Selected Publications:

Light is What We Live In (The Artful Codger Press, 2005) ISBN 0-9736161-4-8
Paper Moon (watershedBooks, 1998) ISBN 1-894205-04-9

Selected Anthologies:

Waging Peace, Poetry and Political Action - co-editor with Susan McMaster (Penumbra Press, 2002) ISBN 1-894131-37-1
And no one knows the blood we share: Poems from the Feminist Caucus (LCP, 2005) ISBN 1-896216-25-0
Boomerang: Re/vers/ed Poems to Celebrate The League of Canadian Poets 40th Anniversary (LCP & Sixth Floor Authors, 2006) ISBN 0-9689799-7-1
Kingston Poets' Gallery (Artful Codger Press, 2006) ISBN 0-9736161-7-2

Edited Anthologies:

Waging Peace, Poetry and Political Action - co-editor with Susan McMaster (Penumbra Press, 2002) ISBN 1-894131-37-1

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Elizabeth Greene

"The Iron Shoes"


– Poetry 

– ISBN – 978-1-894553-76-6

Description: The Iron Shoes is a fine collection of poems inspired by Kingston's streets and haunted houses. Elizabeth Greene also journeys through her past, invoking and laying to rest some of her old ghosts.
"These are poems that will enthrall and beguile." Helen Humphreys.  "Elizabeth Greene's poetry is a sheer delight to be fully savoured and long remembered." Diane Schoemperlen

The Author: Elizabeth Greene has recently retired from the English Department  at Queen's University where she helped found Women's Studies,  originated several courses on Women Writers, and was instrumental  in introducing courses in Creative Writing. She has published poetry in the Queen's Feminist Review, in Arms  Like Ladders: The Eloquent She, the anniversary chapbook of the  League of Canadian Poets' Feminist Caucus, edited by Katerina  Fretwell; in Kingston Poets' Gallery, and 'Scapes, edited by  Diane Dawber (Hidden Brook, 2007). Her fiction has appeared in  Descant, Room of One's Own, Quarry and in the anthologies Vital  Signs and Written in Stone. Her essays have been published in  Prairie Fire, in First Writes, edited by Kelley Aitken, Sue  Goyette, and Barb Scott, (Banff Centre Press, 2005), and on the  Dropped Threads 3 website. Another essay is forthcoming in Double  Voices, edited by Shannon Cowan, Fiona Lam and Cathy Stonehouse  (McGill Queen's, scheduled for 2008). She edited and contributed to We Who Can Fly: Poems, Essays and  Memories in Honour of Adele Wiseman (Cormorant, 1997) which won the  Betty and Morris Aaron Prize for Best Scholarship on a Canadian  Subject. She co-edited The Window of Dreams: New Canadian Writing  for Children (Methuen, 1986) with Mary Alice Downie and Mary-Alice  Thompson and, as a member of Foxglove Collective, co-edited On the  Threshold: Writing Toward the Year 2000 (Beach Holme, 1999). She  is currently co-editing a chapbook, with Danielle Gugler, Common Magic: The Book of the New, to be published by Artful Codger  Press in 2008.

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Richard M. Grove

"A Family Reunion"

– Prose 

– ISBN – 978-1-894553-90-2

Description: General reader / family fun. The Family Reunion is a collection of vignettes and character sketches, that are woven together around a family reunion. Put your feet up and be ready to chuckle – A light read for the whole family. You will find yourself reading to the family at the dining room table or at your next family reunion. The authors says "They are stories and personal characteristics that I see in myself and in others.  They are simply the launching platform buried between truth and fiction."

The Author: Richard  was born into an artist family in Hamilton, Ontario, on October 7, 1953.  With both parents artists and gallery owners  he had a unique and early introduction into the world of visual art.  His first experience with art was with photography when at the age of thirteen he purchased, with his father's enthusiasm and help, his first single lens reflex camera.  Over the ensuing years, after leaving high school, he studied pottery at Mohawk College, design and pottery at Sheridan College, leading to his graduating in 1984 from the Experimental Arts Department at Ontario College of Art.  In 1994 he graduated with honours from the Humber College, Arts Administration diploma course.  In 2002 he returned to school to study computer courses relating to publishing.

Since graduating from Ontario College of Art, Richard has exhibited in more than twenty, solo and group exhibitions in Hamilton, Toronto, Boston, Calgary and Grand Prairie. He has his art  in over thirty corporate collections across Canada, the most prominent of which are Esso Resources, Continental Insurance, Alberta Energy Corporation and Calgary District Hospital Group.  These four companies alone represent a collection of almost thirty pieces of his work. Among the many corporate collections are six commissions of different styles and mediums ranging from pastel on paper to acrylic on canvas. His photography and digital paintings have been on the cover of numerous books and periodicals.  His book of digital paintings and poetry entitled "Sky Over Presqu'ile" was published in 2003, "Substantiality" a book of digital paintings was published in 2006 with a book of photography entitled  "Oxido Rojo" released in the fall of 2006 followed by a book of Photography entitled "tera firma".

Along with his visual art Richard has been writing poetry seriously for decades and has had over 100 of his poems published in periodicals and has been published in over 25 anthologies from around the world. Including his poetry and photography he has 10 titles to his name. To mention only two of his poetry titles, his book entitled "Beyond Fear and Anger" was released in 1997 and his book published by Micro Prose, entitled "Poems For Jack" was released in 2002. He is also the author of numerous books with metaphysical themes including "The Mind–Body Connection", "Metaphysical Healing For a Secular Age" and "A spiritual Study of Body".You can reach him at

Richard now lives with his wife, Kim, in Presqu'ile Provincial Park situated halfway between Toronto and Kingston, south of the 401 hwy. Their location is a constant inspiration for their work.

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R.D. Roy

"A Pre-emptive Kindness"


– Prose 

– ISBN – 978-1-894553-80-3

Description: Adult, General Reader. R.D. Roy began writing A Pre-emptive Kindness in the shadow of imminent war as the United States was preparing to invade Iraq to control that nation's natural resources.  In a future setting this short novel explores the conditions that give rise to war through the eyes of one young woman who struggles to find an alternative to violent conflict. With an unfaltering and sometimes haunting prose the author probes our humanity and inspires hope.

The Author: R.D. Roy  has previously published two collections of short stories (Panegyric Press). His book of poetry "Three Cities" will be released by Hidden Brook Press later in 2007. His writing has appeared in several Canadian magazines, including Matrix, Poetry Canada, and The Ambassador.  Roy is a member and contributing editor with the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance and an associate member of PEN Canada. He has been a feature reader at the International Book Fair in Havana, and has read with the DUB Poetry Collective in Toronto, and Poetry & Co. in Kingston, Ontario.

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Eric Winter

"The Man In The Hat"


– Poetry 
– ISBN – 978-1-894553-77-3
Description:   Adult / General reader. The poems in this collection might be roughly categorized as follows: Images, Events, Cobourg Poems, Family Reflections, Celebrations, Conflict and Christmas. Here there is a distance between the event and the telling of it. It is one which the reader is sure to extend.

The Author: Eric Winter and his wife Dorothy, live in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. He was born, 1923, in Yorkshire, England and qualified as a marine engineer serving on a minesweeper during WW2. Subsequently he has been a clerk in the public service, a technical adviser with an oil company, a farmer, a geographer and, briefly, a tramp. He holds degrees from The London School of Economics, The University of Tasmania, and The University of Melbourne and has taught in high schools and universities in England Australia and Canada. He is currently Senior Scholar and Professor Emeritus of York University. His publications include monographs on farming, and education, a geography of Tasmania, and textbooks in physical geography and urban geography. His poems have been published internationally and he has given public readings in Canada, in Paris and in England.

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