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North Shore Series
Canadian Literature

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Hidden Brook Press is proud to have embarked on this significant literary series entitled the “North Shore Series”.

As publisher, my goal, is to bring 30 different, trade edition - royalty contract -  titles to press by Canadian authors living, in general, on the north shore of lake Ontario between Port Hope and Kingston, south of #7 Highway. While I would agree, with many, that this is a humongous undertaking for a single bodied, small publishing house, with NO funding, it is done with an unwavering commitment to bringing fine Canadian literature to readers.

If you are interested in participating, as an author, in this series please do not hesitate to send me your work. My personal goal is to include both poetry and prose by established and emerging authors. Please only send a sample of your work if you feel you can have a finished ms ready for consideration within  6 months after your sample submission.  Please only send a sample of your work if you live in the geographic area mentioned above.  I look forward to hearing from you –

Please be advised that the selection committee may take 2 - 4 months to look at your work. Be patient  :-)    Our pile of manuscripts is deep. As much as I would love to publish, mentor and steward every author into being published this just cannot be done - we have rejected many authors. If you are rejected, please, please, keep writing and make the world a better place through your words. Your time will come. You can always resubmit again later when you have a new or newly edited ms.

ALSO: We are now accepting submissions for books with more than one author for the NSS.  If you have one or more author that you would like to publish with we would be happy to hear from you.  You can work with authors in your same geographic area, authors with a similar style or sensibility or work with authors that have a common social or intellectual theme. Anthology submissions still have to go to the selection committee and are bound by the same careful scrutiny as single author books.  Your anthology will need a coordinator and an editor. Zap me a quick idea for your anthology and see if you should start collecting work .


Richard M. Grove / Tai

PS -  Pass on this url if you are sending out info - thanks