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an overbearing eye


Theodore Michael Christou

A Hidden Brook Press book "The Texture of Days, in Ash and Leaf" by Bruce Kauffman

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ISBN - 978-1-897475-93-5





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Two Reviews:

Theodore Christou's lucid, experimental poetry collection an overbearing eye offers a mind thinking and feeling in language and a voice of distinctive tonal vulnerability and self-irony. Love, war, emotional pain, mythology, the burden of history, the solace of "sweet cyprus" ("napalm/ blasts."), "christ / pantokrator" ("which the observed, / and which the doting eyes"--titles continue to surprise and sometimes shock), the classics, the sea, childhood, metamorphosis and metaphor are some of Christou's topics in a journey ("i imagine that i am an explorer," he writes in "a white expense of place and time") whose most spectacular successes are poems about poetry and language since love making and the making of all kinds of things, verbal and real, "is the business of poetry" ("fear eating").

Demetres Tryphonopoulos, PhD

Professor and Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies

University of New Brunswick

An overbearing eye, is a book of verse forged from the heaviness of life Christou senses, bears and then distils, or at times wrestles to the ground, but always tempers with the love he has for his subjects, for language and for getting it right.

Jennifer Pazienza, PhD

Professor, Faculty of Education

University of New Brunswick

About the Author

Theodore Michael Christou is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University within the Faculty of Education.  He began his professional teaching career as an elementary school teacher in Scarborough, Ontario, with the Toronto District School Board.  Following a circuitous path, which included doctoral studies in Curriculum Studies, Theodore commenced his academic course on the tenure track in Fredericton at the University of New Brunswick.  In July 2012, that course led westwards, back to Kingston, Ontario, and to Queen’s University.  He currently resides in Kingston with his wife, Aglaia.

Theodore's teaching and research extend to several disciplines; in particular, he concentrates upon history of education, philosophy of education, social studies, and the theory and practice of history.  He is an advocate for the humanities in teacher education.  Poetry permeates everything, and everything is verse.


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