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The Texture of Days,
in Ash and Leaf


Bruce Kauffman

A Hidden Brook Press book "The Texture of Days, in Ash and Leaf" by Bruce Kauffman

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ISBN - 978-1-897475-86-7





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Blurb about the book:



 There is a quiet grace and a persistent fierceness at work in Bruce Kauffman’s first full length collection of poetry. Grounded in the contemplative tradition, each poem serves as a way-marker along a desire-line. Kauffman’s voice is intimate and direct, perceptive and guiding—there is a real honesty here.                                        

Sandra Ridley, author of Fallout, winner of the 2010 Saskatchewan Book Award for Publishing, and Post-Apothecary (2011).


Here is a poet who pays rapt attention to both the agony and ecstasy of being alive, who hears not only “crystalline echoes/of empty hearts/calling,” but also gazes with wonder at the “multicoloured forest/of mirror/and glass.”  Bruce Kauffman doesn’t establish his voice as a grand authority, but rather, as a seeker, a sojourner; his is a poetry of both wisdom, negative capability, yet also humility, a poetic world in which the flowers in the window box “understood the rain/far better than i.”  The cosmos is bigger, older, and wiser, and Kauffman gives himself over to its rhythms, both dark and light. 

Jeanette Lynes, author of The New Blue Distance, The Factory Voice and 5 collections of poetry.


If you boiled the world in a pot, the steam would resemble Bruce Kauffman’s poetry. Personal. Universal. Elegiac. Prayerful. The poems in this book are timeless mirrors reflecting a world that belongs to everyone, a world stripped down to its spiritual bones.

Jason Heroux, author of the poetry collection Emergency Hallelujah (Mansfield Press) and the novella Good Evening, Central Laundromat (Quattro Books).


Haunting sketches from the leanest light of memories, from spare & sharp boned emotions. Kauffman's ghostly lyrics are evocative traceries, fissures of words.

Catherine Owen, author of nine collections of poetry including the AB Literary Prize winning collection Frenzy (Anvil Press 2009).



About the Author

Bruce Kauffman lives in Kingston, Ontario and is a poet, writer and editor. A chapbook of his poetry, seed, (The Plowman), was published in 2005, and with consideration to be re-published and bound by Hidden Brook Press. A stand-alone poem, “streets” (Thee Hellbox Press) was published in 2009. The Texture of Days, In Leaf and Ash (Hidden Brook Press) is his first full collection of poetry.
His work has appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies, including a book review in The Antigonish Review (fall /2010) for John Pigeau’s The Nothing Waltz (Hidden Brook Press). His poetry has also appeared in two plays, The Garbage and the Flowers (2008) and A Moveable Feast (2009). His poem “potter”, appearing in this collection, was shortlisted in the 1995 Poiesis Poetry Competition.
In 1997/1998 he was research editor and volunteer coordinator for a poetry short collection and reference manual, the Poiesis Poetry Guide (1998). Beginning in 2011 he coordinated and edited That Not Forgotten (Hidden Brook Press), a 400 page poetry/short fiction anthology of 118 locally tied poets and authors, launched in September 2012.

In May 2010, he began hosting a weekly spoken word radio show on CFRC 101.9fm (Queen’s University, Kingston, ON) called “finding a voice” and now also hosts a blogspace for that show at:

As well, he hosts a monthly open mic reading series called “poetry @ the artel” (launched in May, 2009), and in June of 2012 began a quarterly series of “stream of consciousness” writing workshops (Kingston based, but will be spreading in 2013 to outlying areas).

He is a member of a local writers group. He joined the Wintergreen Studios Press Advisory Board as Acquisitions Editor. He is a member of the CCLA (Canada Cuba Literary Alliance) and is one of the Canadian Editors of CCLA’s literary journal, The Ambassador. He is currently editing other works and working on two of his own manuscripts.


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