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Grandfather, Father and Me
Memories, Poetry and Good Food

Editor - Donna Clark Goodrich


Book Cover - Grandfather, father and me



ISBN: 978-1-627725-07-8



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Grandfather, Father and Me: Memories, Poetry, and Good Food is a perfect gift for any father or grandfather, in fact any family member.

Grandfather, Father and Me:

Memories, Poetry, and Good Food

is a perfect gift for any father or grandfather, in fact any family member.

It is a moving collection of short stories, poems and recipes about

grandfathers and fathers and men of influence. It is truly a loving tribute.

Read this warm and inviting book aloud at the dining room table with the whole family.

It will make young and old laugh and cry.


It will make a fine gift that will give joy for years to come.

It is a loving tribute to our Grandfathers and fathers

for their fostering, nurturing, cherishing,

for their encouragement.

A Review: 

Grandfather, Father and Me, subtitled Memories, Poetry and Good Food is an eclectic and excellent mixture of 239 pages featuring  memoirs, poetry, and interesting recipes. The directions for making tasty hot chocolate reminded me of my own efforts when my kids were coming in from the cold rink in our backyard. But Liz Barton’s recipe sounds better, and I’m going to try it. Her relationship with her father was an extremely difficult one. Like so many men who served in World War 11, he came home a damaged man. The soul-searching she does in the memoir “Covered Chocolate” must have been therapeutic for her. I think her story would be helpful to anyone dealing with unhappy childhood memories.

            Most of the pieces in this book, however, are happy ones. In “Secure in my Father’s Love”, Don Cunningham  tells us how his dad carried him to the hospital when he’d fallen and cut his head while play wrestling with another boy. His father then took him along to work with him, bragging about how brave his son had been, turning him into a young hero with a bandaged head.

            The pieces in this collection are bound to trigger personal memories of the important men in  the readers’ own lives. Sonja Grgar’s poem is a tribute to her grandfather Emil whose “quiet smile/undoes the darkness”. She feels that he lives on, somewhere by her side. Honey Novick pens an interesting article entitled “Gershon, the Grandfather I Never Knew”. Through her words, the reader comes to know a little about  this complicated man, as she did when shown his many books courtesy of her cousin Faye. Later, seeing a photo of him, she describes him as looking “very dapper with a fringed, bald head and a mustache”.

            In Sue Chenette’s “Rules of the Road” poem, she sets a homey scene of a nuclear family where expeditions are launched with her father seeing to the necessary groundwork, showing them “the right way to do things”.  Even though she and her sister enjoyed a truly adventuresome trek wandering around Europe, they felt his instructions, folded in with their maps provided “a kind of protection” that would see them safely home.

            Richard Grove’s  poem “Proud with a Flashlight” epitomizes the feelings of a young lad who gains a sense of pride in having his father ask for his help in doing a “man’s job”.

            Editor Donna Clark Goodrich has done a fine job in choosing the selections in this book, its covers illustrated with family photos of special men taken at memorable times in the lives of their families.

Norma West Linder

Author of 5 novels, 1 collection of short stories
and 13 collections of poetry.



Hidden Brook Press has published two current anthologies that offer outstanding memoirs. I am pleased to be one of the contributing authors in both books. The first book entitled, Grandmother, Mother & Me, features my memoir “Her First Grandchild” about my beloved Grandmother. The newest release, Grandfather, Father & Me, features my memoir “Golden Hands” about my amazing father. Editor Donna Clark Goodrich has done a wonderful job compiling unforgettable memoirs about the men and women who are the foundation of our lives. Readers will feel a part of these stories and see their own relationships in them. The added recipes, scattered throughout the book, are a delicious bonus. I am delighted to have photos included on both beautiful covers of these anthologies that will make a perfect holiday gift!

Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow

Chicago, Illinois



Of the three books in the “Memories, Poetry and Good Food” series, that I have participated in and purchased, for whatever reason this book, Grandfather, Father and Me, is the most compelling for me to pick up and read. The titles of the stories are creative and beckon a close look. Each book has a good variety of themes represented.


Sometimes the word and mental-father images are mysterious, silent, absent, unknown; this is what makes a book about fathers and grandfathers compelling for me. The roles of both have changed so vastly in the last century that this book holds many fond memories and life-shaping influences.  It is a beautiful book to enjoy, share as a gift, and reminisce with.

 Thanks for a great job to both Donna and Tai, it really is a very nicely done book; attractive and a good read.

Joanne Sandlin

Thanks Tai. I have read the entire book, and am pleased with the quality. I loved reading all the stories from Canada, and am glad to have ordered extra copies. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this anthology.

 Faye Adams, De Soto, Missouri, USA


 This book is a companion book to

Grandmother, Mother and Me

Cover of Grandmother, Mother and Me

ISBN – 978-1-897475-94-2

Table of Contents:

Father Memories

– Painting the Crossroad – J. Graham Ducker - p. 1
– Lessons from Dad – Rona Evartt - p. 3
– out reach – Theodore Christou - p. 6
– our conversation abstracted – Theodore Christou - p. 7
– Military Respect and Honor – Karen Sue Chmielewski - p. 8
– Daddy’s Coin Collection – Brendalyn Crudup Martin - p. 10
– Isn’t It Ironic? – Alice Klies - p. 12
– Golden Hands – Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow - p. 14
– Daddy’s Fudge – Helen L. Hoover - p. 16
– The Last Surviving Guinea Pig – Linda Rose Etter - p. 18
– Breakfast, Beds, and Blue Laws – Cassandra Wessel - p. 20
– Watering – Glenn Kletke - p. 24
– More Than Daddy’s Little Girl – Christine Henderson - p. 25
– Stepping into the Unknown – Nancy Dobbins - p. 28
– The Better Offer – Claudia Loopstra - p. 30
– Dad’s Old Sweater – Millie Barger - p. 35
– Just Ask – Diane K. Ellenwood - p. 36
– A Father’s Heart – Diane K. Ellenwood - p. 37
– Secure in My Father’s Love – Don E. Cunningham - p. 38
– Safe in Daddy’s Arms – Debbie Schmid - p. 41
– My Father Never Told Me He Loved Me – Carolyn Brown Copeland - p. 45
– There You Are! – Patricia Anne Elford - p. 48
– Weekend Walks with Dad – Debbie Carpenter - p. 50
– Singing for Our Dad – Donna Clark Goodrich - p. 52
– Reflection – Connie Johnson - p. 54
– This Was My Father – Gail M. Murray - p. 55
– Kisielin – Jaclyn Piudik - p. 57
– Proud with a Flashlight – Richard M. Grove - p. 59
– Daddy’s Shoes – Connie Kinnell McKinney - p. 60
– Ed – Deb Kemper - p. 62
– Always There for Me – Jan K. Potter - p. 66
– The Last Word – Ruth Clarke - p. 70
– Without Wasted Words – Connie Poole Wesala - p. 74
– Gone, But Not Forgotten – Gloria I. Taylor - p. 78
– Outliving the Cat—my dad’s many lives – Shane Joseph - p. 79
– Girls Can Be Marines! – Rona Evartt - p. 83
– Macaroni Sunday – Gail M. Murray - p. 85
– Papa – Bea Purcell - p. 88
– A Banyan Tree – Vivekanand Jha - p. 90
– Chef Daddy – Cynthia Mendenhall - p. 91
– Everything But the Kitchen Sink – Corinne D. Furtney - p. 93
– Dad’s Reassurance – Sue Hardesty - p. 95
– Rules of the Road – Sue Chenette - p. 98
– My Champion—My Dad – Joyce Gero - p. 100
– The Adventurer – Tammy Pfaff - p. 104
– Sunday Afternoon – Mansoor Behnam - p. 107
– Irrigation Pipes Like Chimes – Kristi Lewis - p. 109
– The Man with a Typewriter – Sonja Grgar - p. 111
– My Father’s Shoes – Andrea Arthur Owen - p. 113
– Wedding Trusses – Jenne Acevedo - p. 117
– On His Own Terms – Bonnie Nish - p. 120
– Eulogy – Bonnie Nish - p. 122
– The Bounty – Linda Grace Cousins - p. 124
– Proud to Be His Son – George W. Frey - p. 127
– My Daddy – George W. Frey - p. 130
– The Back Porch – Leila Mason - p. 131
– Everything Will Be Okay – Benjamin Creighton - p. 132
– Our Dad – K.V. Skene - p. 135
– What my father brought – gillian harding-russell - p. 136
– Covered Chocolate – Liz Barton - p. 138
– Owed to Dad – Patricia Kirby - p. 141
– Lessons Learned from Dad – Patricia Kirby - p. 142
– Remembering Dad – Jane Jiminez - p. 144
– He Just Kept Going – Effie-Alean Gross - p. 147
– Letters and Numbers – Carolyn Hei-Kyoung You - p. 150
– The Choosing Shoes Blues – Terri Elders - p. 151
– Expedition – Sue Chenette - p. 154
– What Makes a Man Tell a Story – Daniela Elza - p. 156

Grandfather Memories

– The Swing in My Grandfather’s Garden – Raymond Fenech - p. 158
– The Scotsman – Connie Kinnell McKinney - p. 159
– Bluebottle – Martha E. Link - p. 161
– Learning to Read – Daniela Elza - p. 165
– Grandfather’s Way – Faye Adams - p. 166
– Listening for the Dead – Sylvia Adams - p. 169
– Me and John Brown – Heide Brown - p. 171
– Harry Culley—Pianist Extraordinaire – Joanne Culley - p. 173
– My Fishing Trip with Granddad – Raymond Fenech - p. 176
– Emil – Sonja Grgar - p. 180
– Pépè Played the Fiddle Sundays – Gay Ingram - p. 181
– Dear Grandpa…with Love – Brett Johnston - p. 183
– PawPaw – Deb Kemper - p. 185
– Gershon, the Grandfather I Never Knew – Honey Novick - p. 186
– A Treasure…Hidden No Longer – Nora Peacock - p. 190
– A Year with Grandfather – Felicity Sidnell Reid - p. 194
– Holidays with My Grandfather – Dorothy Cox-Rothwell - p. 198
– A Renaissance Legacy – Joanne Sandlin - p. 199
– Grandpa’s Fishing Pole – Gloria I. Taylor - p. 201
– Grandfather’s Wild Rice – K.V. Skene - p. 202
– My Grandfather “Hod” Barnes – Dorothy Cox-Rothwell - p. 204

Men of Influence

– Ern – Stephanie Bell-Boissonneault - p. 208
– A Very Pukka Fellow – Maggie Brackley - p. 211
– If Only We Had Met – Linda Jett - p. 215
– Pop’s Big Move – Cherry Pedrick - p. 219
– Like a Grandpa to Me – Cassandra Wessel - p. 222
– My Uncle Gordon – Richard M. Grove - p. 226
– Dads for a Lifetime – Deb Wuethrich - p. 228

Author Bios - p. 232 - 239



Author Bios


Jenne Acevedo is a writer, speaker, and substitute teacher. She lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband and three children. She is an avid reader who loves studying God’s Word, traveling, baking, and entertaining in her home. Encouraging women to find their worth and hope in Christ is her passion. Visit her at:


Cona F. ("Faye") Gregory-Adams is an award-winning writer of poetry, children's books, nonfiction, and short fiction. Published in newspapers, magazines, poetry journals and anthologies, Faye served as Missouri's Senior Poet Laureate in 2010 and 2012. View her work at, or email her at  


Sylvia Adams is author of a novel, a poetry collection, an award-winning chapbook, and a children’s book. A writing instructor, book reviewer, and former poetry columnist for The Ottawa Citizen, she is a founding member of Canada’s Field Stone Poets. As Adar Press, she edits and publishes chapbook anthologies by her poetry groups.


Millie Barger, an 89-year-old great-grandmother, had her first poem published at age 16. She has been a member of Phoenix Christian Writers' Fellowship for more than 30 years and has written 10 books and hundreds of articles.


Liz Barton is a retired elementary teacher who has been married to her husband for over forty years. They have three grown children, four grandchildren, and one black, mostly-Lab dog. She is learning to play the violin and hopes someday to master it enough to allow someone else to listen.


Mansoor Behnam is an experimental writer and filmmaker. His short films have been screened in several film festivals and his last untitled poem was published in "That Not Forgotten," Anthology of Poetry, Prose and Artwork, Hidden Book Press, 2012. He is currently a third year PhD student of Cultural Studies at Queen’s University and planning to publish his novella This Is The Way I Disappear.


Stephanie Bell-Boissonneault undertook her formal training in creative writing courses at Concordia and McGill, and has participated in writing/reading groups for over 30 years. Raising her family in Montréal, she and her husband now live near Campbellford continuing their passion for historical house restoration, gourmet cooking, and organically grown vegetables. Stephanie also participates in local community and family activities.


Maggie Brackley lives in Markham, Ontario. She enjoys writing about her travels as well as memoirs of her varied family. Previously published works include How Sweet It Was (Grandmother, Mother and Me anthology), as well as publication in on-line magazines.


Heide Brown loves living on Gabriola Island, B.C., almost as much as she loves writing, painting, hooking rag-rugs and sharing her life with family, friends, and The Gabriola Commons, which she co-founded.


Debbie Carpenter is retired from the children’s ministries staff at her church in Tucson, AZ.  She enjoys writing devotional pieces and has published many. She is married with two adult children and their husbands, and four grandchildren who spice up her life.


Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow is a Pushcart Prize nominated author and award-winning educator and broadcaster. She is founding general manager of WYCC-TV/PBS and distinguished professor emeritus of Wright College in Chicago. Her stories and essays have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines. Her husband Richard is her muse. Visit


Sue Chenette, a classical pianist as well as a poet, is the author of Slender Human Weight and The Bones of His Being, both from Guernica Editions, and of three chapbooks: Solitude in Cloud and Sun, A Transport of Grief, and The Time Between Us, which won the Canadian Poetry Association’s Shaunt Basmajian Award


Karen Sue Chmielewski, Jackson, Michigan, is single mother of one daughter, and grandmother of two grandsons. She is an administrative professional, Microsoft software specialist, and an active member of the American Society of Administrative Professionals. Singer by hobby with a deep love for the art of music


Theodore Michael Christou is an Assistant Professor of education at Queen's University. He is the author of two books. The first is a work of nonfiction titled Progressive Education (University of Toronto Press, 2012). The second is a book of verse titled an overbearing eye (Hidden Brook Press, 2012).


Ruth Clarke is the author of five books and has published a number of short stories.  She has written for newspapers and magazines, was editor of Pacific Pearl, an English magazine in Mexico, has edited a novel and a cookbook. Ruth has also worked for Canadian publishing companies, the Writers’ Union, Canada Council, and she co-founded Cannon Book Distribution.   


Carolyn Brown Copeland has been a member of the Phoenix Christian Writers’ Club for more than 30 years, being published in more than 100 different magazines and newspapers in the United States and Canada. And yes, when her dad died in 1988, he had told all his four children that he loved them.



Linda Grace Cousins is a mother and a lover of books and writing. From a very young age, she knew she had a story or two to tell.  She lives in Whitby, Ontario with her teenage son and Yorki Poo, Reese, who keeps everyone in line.


Dorothy Cox-Rothwell was previously involved in family business and now pursues her interests in writing and art. She is a Spiritualist Minister with two grown children and five grandchildren. Married to John Rothwell, she is also a Reiki Master.


Benjamin Creighton is a writer and teacher from Ontario, Canada.


Joanne Culley is a writer and DVD producer whose articles have appeared in the Globe and Mail. Her documentaries include Be My Baby, Put the Brakes on Bullying, and Breaking New Ground: Contemporary Canadian Architecture. She was the winner of the Media/Television Award for “In Celebration of Women”. Visit


Don E. Cunningham, Prescott Valley, Arizona, is the author of Divorce and Remarriage Made Beautiful in His Time (Tate Publishing), and several chapbooks of poetry, short stories, and essays. A retired social worker and licensed minister, he currently conducts a telephone pastoral care ministry at his local church.


Nancy Dobbins has taught all ages for over 25 years and has had articles published in regional publications. She has also taught on Divine Health and has had a number of devotionals published in the book Spirit Aflame.


J. Graham Ducker is a retired kindergarten teacher. His memoir Don’t Wake the Teacher was published in 2004, and his poetry book Observations of Heart and Mind was published in 2006. The Elephant That Wanted to Join the Circus and Why Pigs Have Curly Tails were both published in 2011.


Terri Elders, a lifelong writer and editor, lives near Colville, Washington, with two dogs and three cats. Her stories have appeared in dozens of periodicals and anthologies, including two previous Hidden Brook Press collections. She blogs at


Patricia Anne Elford is a minister, an educator and presenter, editor, award-winning poet and writer in many genres. Her work continues to be published on line and in periodicals, anthologies and literary journals and displayed (framed, not graffiti) in such places as a tearoom and Fashion Design Studio


Diane K. Ellenwood resides in southeast Michigan. She has published a children’s book, The MisAdventures of Three Amigos, and written anthologies included in Christmas Memories and I Choose You and writes devotionals for a Christian newsletter, EACM Roseville, MI.


Daniela Elza’s work has appeared nationally and internationally in over 80 publications. the weight of dew, her debut poetry collection, was published by Mother Tongue Publishing (2012).  The two poems here come from her latest book, milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press, 2013). Daniela lives and writes in Vancouver. 


Linda Rose Etter, Adrian, Michigan, taught school for 36 years in Michigan after graduating from Huntington College. In 2011 she published a devotional book, Listen To HIS Heartbeat. She also has stories in two anthology books. Her website is:


Rona Evartt is a single mother of four grown daughters and two amazing grandchildren. She has taught at-risk teens in various settings in public schools and is working on several books to be used for curriculum specifically for them. She is also working on two novels.


Raymond Fenech from Malta embarked on his writing career as a freelance journalist at 18 and worked for the leading newspapers, The Times and Sunday Times.  He edited two nation-wide distributed magazines, The Globe Trotter and Living 2000. His work has featured in several publications in 12 countries.


George W. Frey grew up in a Methodist parsonage in Tennessee, studied music, earned a graduate degree in voice, traveled with his family on music concerts and only began writing Christian fiction two years ago. He and his wife have made Arizona their home for forty-five years.


Corinne D. Furtney is an elementary school teacher and volunteers with the youth in her church. She became interested in writing at an early age and also enjoys baking, travelling, and spending time with her family.


Joyce Gero, contributor to several anthologies, is an office administrative professional, a volunteer with diverse community organizations, and webmaster/Facebook administrator for a local service organization. Surrounded by unfinished craft projects and an eclectic collection of books, she lives in Truro, Nova Scotia, on Canada’s East Coast. 


Donna Clark Goodrich is a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and conference instructor. The author of 24 books and over 700 published manuscripts, she lives with her husband of 53 years in Mesa, Arizona. Contact her at:,, or read her weekly writers’ blog on Mondays at:


Sonja Grgar is a writer and journalist who lives in Surrey, BC. She is passionate about exploring complex themes in her prose and poetry. Her work was published in The Globe and Mail, broadcast on radio and television, and featured in the That Not Forgotten anthology (Hidden Brook Press 2012).


Effie-Alean Gross, Fountain Hills, Arizona, is a writer and speaker. She has a master's degree in English from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and teaches writing at a community college near Phoenix. Effie enjoys her family, travel, and writing historical fiction from the WWII era. Visit her at: or her blog at:


Richard M. Grove, find his many books of poetry, prose and photography on amazon. President of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance, Board of Director of IFPOR – International Festival of Poetry of Resistance, former president of the Canadian Poetry Association, former vice-president of the Canadian Authors Association, Toronto.


Sue Hardesty lives in Northwest Arkansas, is semi-retired and has three grown children and several grand, and great-grandchildren. She has several short stories published in anthologies and is working on her first novel.

gillian harding-russell has had poems published in the anthologies Poet to Poet (Guernica, 2012), That Not Forgotten (Hiddenbrook, 2012), and another accepted for publication in the anthology I Found It At the Movies (Guernica, 2013). Her manuscript “We came to find what was real, and to be afraid” won 2nd place in the Gritlit 2012 contest.  


Christine Henderson: Christine Henderson has won awards locally and nationally for her short stories. Her inspirational stories have been published in several anthologies about growing up and in daily devotional guides. She had written several children’s picture book stories and is currently finishing up a contemporary romance novel.


Helen Hoover enjoys sewing, knitting, and traveling. As retirees, she and her husband volunteer at various organizations. Their four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren give them great joy. Helen’s devotions and personal stories are published in books and Christian hand-out papers.


Gay Ingram began her writing career as a result of a passionate interest in herbs. A creative writing course offered by Tyler Junior College launched Ms. Ingram into fiction writing. Her articles and short stories have appeared in numerous publications. She has had several novels published. Her newest publication, Second Time Around, was released in Nov. 2012. Her books can be seen on her website: and are available at


Linda Jett writes, grandmothers, and practices therapeutic massage from her home in Newberg, Oregon. Her work has appeared in a variety of anthologies.


Vivekanand Jha, MA and Ph. D in English, is a translator, editor and award winning poet from India. He is the author of 05 books of poetry. He has also authored one critical book and edited nine critical anthologies on Indian English Writing. His poems have been published in more than 100 magazines and 25 anthologies round the world.


Jane Jimenez, a mother of two, lives with husband and supporter Victor in metro Phoenix, Arizona. As a freelance writer, Jane is dedicated to issues of importance to women and the family. Her work has appeared in local and national publications, with a special focus on changing sexual mores that began in the 60s.


Connie Johnson has published poems in Sandcutters (Arizona State Poetry Society),

Vista, Leaves of Poetry (Anthology), Fresh Ink, and Wingtips. Her memoir was coauthored with her sister. She reads with The Mad Women Poets in Prescott, Arizona.


Brett Johnston is an electrical engineer and freelance writer living in Arizona. He continues to pursue his love of woodworking and throughout the years has created numerous custom projects for businesses and homes.


Shane Joseph is the author of three previous novels and a collection of short stories. His work After the Flood won the best futuristic/fantasy novel award at the Canadian Christian Writing Awards in 2010, and his short fiction has appeared in international literary journals and anthologies. For details see


Deb Kemper, free-lance writer and poet, hails from northwest Florida. She now lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband and two dogs. Internationally published, Mallory Ridge and Keeping Reggie’s Widow are available on Amazon. Visit her website at


Patricia Kirby is an artist and a retired internal communications professional and nonfiction writer. Dabbling in poetry since moving to Ottawa in 2002, she has been published electronically in Bywords as well as in several collections with the Pachyderm Poets.  


Glenn Kletke was born in Manitoba, now lives and writes in Kanata, Ontario. Pioneer of the framed glosa form, his most recent collection of poems is “Bones On A Bed Of Blue.”


Alice Klies has enjoyed writing life stories from a very early age. After joining American Christian Writers Association and Wordweavers she was encouraged by fellow writers to publish. Her articles have been appeared in Angels On Earth, Wordsmith Journal and anthologies God Still Meets Needs; Grandmother, Mother and Me; and Women Inspire Faith.


Kristi Lewis writes: My mother bought me my first journal when I was 11 and I’ve written ever since. Recently my Opa asked me to edit his memoirs- I hope to have them printed for him to give to his loved ones by the end of this year. I’ve never tried having any of my work published.


Martha E. Link is a baby boomer who grew up on the prairie. A bookworm, she has developed many other creative talents. Her greatest passion has always been writing. Currently working on her first novel, Martha belongs to The Campbellford Writer’s Group. She also attends Ursula Pflug’s Loyalist College writing workshop.


Claudia Loopstra, a retired photographer, is a writer of short stories and poetry. Currently, she is writing a book about her life growing up in the household of an alcoholic father. Claudia is married with two children and has six grandchildren. 


Brendalyn Crudup Martin is a published devotional and poetry writer with work appearing in Chicken Soup for the soul, other anthologies, and online sites.  She is the Poet Laureate of the Arizona Supreme Court, a member of the Phoenix Christian Writers Club, and editor of Inspired Christian Newsletter.


Leila Mason has a degree in English and Occupational Therapy.  Now a retired therapist she is reaching into her English background to write historical memoirs of family life in small town Ontario.  She resides on a hobby farm in the hamlet of Claremont with her husband and other pets. 



Connie Kinnell McKinney was born in Hornell, New York and raised in different areas of New York and Massachusetts before attending Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri. She now resides with her husband in Carthage, Missouri where she enjoys spending time with her four grown children and their families.


Cynthia Mendenhall is a wondering and wandering Life Coach and Teacher-at-Large, is new to writing and to Phoenix. She passionately helps others take control of their lives and to think differently about their futures. Her latest secret: she carries her new harmonica everywhere and plays it in traffic.


Gail Murray, strongly influenced by Keats to capture the essence of the moment, writes in response to her natural and emotional environment. Her poems have been published in Arborealis, CAA’s Wordscape, and online at Creative nonfiction/profile/travel pieces have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Trellis, and NOW Magazine.


Bonnie Nish is founder and Executive Director of Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society, a charitable organization in the literary arts based in Vancouver British Columbia. Bonnie has a Masters in Arts Education from Simon Fraser University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School. Bonnie's first book of poetry Love and Bones will be released by Karma Press in September 2013.


Honey Novick is a singer/songwriter/voice teacher/poet. She believes that winter never fails to turn into spring and loves to smell the lilacs. She appreciates her grandfather and loves her father.


Andrea Arthur Owan, Tucson, Arizona, is a writer, speaker and educator. Her nonfiction and fiction work has appeared in a variety of Christian and secular publications. Her blog,, is dedicated to helping parents, siblings and family heal emotionally, physically and spiritually from the premature loss of a child during pregnancy or at birth.


Nora Peacock, a freelance writer, lives in Newberg, Oregon. The 2012 Silver Prize Winner of the Oregon Women’s Report contest for inspirational writing, she has also written for Gary Chapman’s Love is A Verb and Love is A Verb Devotional.


Cherry Pedrick lives in Washington State with her husband and cats. She enjoys church, family, friends and volunteer work. She is the coauthor of 7 books, including The OCD Workbook and The Habit Change Workbook.


Tammy Pfaff is a freelance writer living in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania, with her husband and four children. She studies Journalism at DCCC and is a member of Christian Writers Fellowship of Philadelphia, hoping to encourage others through her writing. Learn more about Tammy at


Jaclyn Piudik—recipient of a  New York Times Fellowship for Creative Writing and Academy of American Poets’ Sellers Award—is the author of two chapbooks, Of Gazelles Unheard and The Tao of Loathliness (fooliar press).  Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, including The New Quarterly, Columbia Poetry Review, and Barrow Street. 


Jan K. Potter, homemaker/freelance writer, resides in Phoenix Arizona with her husband of 44 years. Her articles have appeared in many magazines and compilation books, and she is currently writing a novel for teenagers.

Bea Purcell was born and grew up in the Philippines. She moved to the United States after marrying an American who served in the U.S. Air Force, and retired after a career of more than twenty-four years in the screen printing industry.


Felicity Sidnell Reid is a retired teacher, author of a variety of educational materials and text books, who now lives in Colborne, ON, and writes fiction, poetry and occasional memoir which has been published in anthologies, newspapers and on-line.


Joanne Sandlin, published her first children’s book in 2012 as well as continuing to write a recipe column in the Prescott Daily Courier. She is inspired by membership in the Northern Arizona Word Weavers.


Debbie Schmid, award-winning author has written four books including two best sellers and numerous articles for various publications. Throughout the years, she’s been a keynote speaker at ladies’ retreats and church seminars. Debbie also enjoys leading Bible studies, mentoring young Christians, and nurturing hurting individuals.


K.V. Skene's latest publications include Love in the (Irrational) Imperfect, Hidden Brook Press (Canada) 2006 and You Can Almost Hear Their Voices,  Indigo Dreams Publishing, (UK) 2010.  After over 18 years as an expat in England, including a year in Ireland, KV now lives and writes from Toronto. 


Gloria I. Taylor enjoys Scottish Country Dancing and Irish Set Dancing as well as writing poetry.  She is a retired FSL, ESL teacher and loves fishing.


Connie Poole Wesala, Gilbert, Arizona, was previously published in Hidden Brook Press anthologies. Her short stories, poetry, and nonfiction have been published in several literary journals. She placed second in Fiction in a 2012 college writing contest, and second in Nonfiction in 2013. Connie is currently working on a historic novel. Her blog can be viewed at


Cass Wessel, author, contributes to online devotionals, print media, and anthologies, such as Grandmother, Mother and Me. She belongs to ACFW,, and the Forest and Clarion County Historical Societies. Her website, “Words About the Word” and her blog “The Word Heart Written” are found at


Deb Wuethrich, Adrian, Michigan, is a staff writer at the Tecumseh Herald in Tecumseh, Michigan. She has contributed to several anthologies and is a 2003 recipient of an Amy Award of Outstanding Merit.


Carolyn Hei-Kyoung You is a poet and writer who lives in Kingston, Ontario. Her father is a keen observer of birds, baseball, markets, weather. Together they have watched blue jays in winter and seen the Blue Jays’ summer stock rise in 1992.

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