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From O to Snow




Kate Marshall Flaherty
Deborah Panko
Donna Langevin


Poetry by three of Canada's finest woman poets - From O to Snow publihsed by Hidden Brook Press






Published by

Hidden Brook Press

ISBN - 978-1-897475-62-1


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From O to Snow 

Kate Marshall Flaherty,

Deborah Panko,

Donna Langevin


In 2008 these three a-musing poets appeared together in the women’s poetry anthology, Not A Muse. But in this new anthology, they take turns being Thalia, muse of comedy, Clio, muse of history and Polyhymnia, muse of sacred poetry.

They know each other and appear to have inspired each other—all three write about spirituality and silent reflection. For Kate Marshall Flaherty “the quietest time” is “empty yet full.”  In the early morning, she stares “at everything / in the absence of light.” Deborah Panko’s poems hover over the world while celebrating epiphany and longing, like her “Hummingbird,” the “Native Indian symbol for healing.” In a sestina moving as a prayer, Donna Langevin gives “alibis to angels.”

Real life is depicted with wit and insight. Deborah manages to blend reflection with compassion and irony in "Faith Bought in a Crystal Shop in Toronto, Canada, at the End of the 20th Century," and “With vision clear and strong as a clap of thunder,” she portrays a visceral and elemental spirituality—“a faith that could make sense of it all.” In “National Geographic Photograph,” Kate describes the raw horror of the image of a starving woman, her “skeleton draped / in a dark sari of skin.” Donna’s “Hot Chocolate Rag” celebrates a tune “composed / in a New York coffee shop / in the middle of a snowstorm / 100 years ago” and how it “steams from the keyboard” of her “ragster son.”

You will enter this anthology with an “Oooo” of wonder and hang, like Kate Marshall Flaherty, “suspended like a halo” over the spiritual pieces. Deborah Panko’s “History Lesson” will fill you with visceral regret as you read about how the narrator has shut desire in a book. And the final section will snow down on you with grace as Donna Langevin reflects on the multiple shapes of love and snow.

– Kate Rogers, Co-editor,

Not A Muse: the inner lives of women

Haven Books.


From O to Snow is a wonderful collection of poetry by three of Canada’s finest women poets. It will take you on a gentle journey from quilts, moqui balls, war memorials, hummingbirds, to an old lady in Cuba, to the Virgin Mary stashed somewhere in between. 

This is a collection of poetry brought together with a shared commitment for the love of poetry.

Three different voices make up this marvelous collection called From O to Snow. A bouquet is made up of various flowers, a forest of many trees and a party is a bowl of mixed nuts.  Let’s make no assumptions.  O might mean Oh, Ooooo, Oops, Oww, or oh-oh.  Enjoy the wonder of life’s variety show in this eclectic collection! 



 Bio Pic for From O to Snow

Deborah, Donna and Katie