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Family Times Anthology
Memories, Poetry, and Good Food

Editor - Kimberley Sherman Grove



Call for submissions:

Family Times Anthology



Please note: The Editor will be out of the country and away from email until April 13 and will have limited email

Dear Writer:


Family times can be a fun and special part of our lives and contribute in myriad ways to our personal growth. Tell us how those “FAMILY” times have had an influence on the person you are today.  tell us about your special aunt or uncle. Tell us about a special brother or sister moment that shaped your life. Here is your opportunity to share your uplifting, inspiring, fun family story in prose or poetry. If you also have stories that revolve around thanksgiving dinners, picnics, birthday parties or family dinners we would like to receive your recipes and hear the story of how that food impacted your life. The anthology will be published by Hidden Brook Press as part of the ongoing “Memories, Poetry and Good Food” series. See our two previous books in the series at: www.hiddenbrookpress. com


You may submit up to 3 pieces of work for consideration – prose, poetry and recipe with story.


Previously PublishedIf your work has been previously published in a magazine that is ok. If it has been previously published in a book it must be at least partly re-written and re-titled and you must still have the publishing rights. If you sent something that wasn’t used in the Christmas or Grandmother anthology and it works thematically we will consider it for this book.



Poetry – maximum number of lines 45

Memoir/remembrances – maximum 1500 words

Recipes, must be with stories – maximum 1500 words


Send your submissions to anthology editor Kimberley Grove,, with “Family Times anthology” in the subject line. Please include your full name, email address, mailing address, and phone number at the top of your submission. At the end, please include a 2-3 line bio (50 words or under).


DeadlineThe deadline is May 15, 2013. Once the deadline is passed, you will be notified if your submission is accepted or if it cannot be used.


Copyright – Authors will retain copyright for their work. Be sure that you own the copyright to your previously published work.


There are no fees for submission. If your submission is accepted, you will receive one free copy of the book, and the opportunity to buy additional copies at a 40% discount, 50% discount for orders of 10 books or more. You will also receive a 10% commission if you take bookstore order that the publisher fills. The author pays for the shipping of free copy shipped directly from printer.


Please feel free to pass the word. If you have never written for an anthology, hints are given below.               




Kimberley Grove,


14 Hints on Writing for Anthologies

From Donna Goodrich



DO use correct format—for prose double space, no extra line space between paragraphs, no justifying right margin, 1 space after period, 12 pt. New Times Roman or Courier (New Times Roman preferred).

For poetry single space with line space between verses.


DON’T use borders or put submission in box.


DO include name, complete mailing address, phone, and e-mail address on submission— not just your blog or web site address. Make it easy for the editor to contact you.


DON’T clean out your files and send everything you have.


DO stick to the theme.


DON’T ask for an extension on the deadline, saying how busy you are.


DO include a suggested title, and capitalize only first letter of major words in title.


DON’T send in a manuscript longer than stated requirements, telling the editor they can cut it down if they want to use it.


DO keep bio sketch within the requested length. Write it in third person, and leave out adjectives such as “loving husband” or “beautiful grandchildren.”


DON’T tell the editor “feel free to edit.” If it needs it, they’ll do it. That’s their job.


DO omit underlines and bold; italicize sparingly any words you want to emphasize.


DON’T write a few days after the deadline, asking if editor has made a decision.


DO let the editor know if you change e-mail address or other contact information.


DON’T send your submission on Facebook.




Now, start writing and good luck!!

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