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Heir to the Caves


Emily L. Goodman

A Hidden Brook Press book "Island on the Wind-Breathed Edge of the Sea" by John B. Lee - John B. Lee

Published by

Hidden Brook Press

ISBN – 978-1-897475-60-7 


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Blurb about the book



In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth—but the process did not end with a single world, as so many believe.  What creator who truly enjoyed the process of creation would be willing to create only once, and then set it aside for all time, never to experience it again?  No, God created multiple worlds—multiple realms—on which all manner of things are possible.  Some have great magic.  Others have little magic.  Still others have no magic at all.  Regardless of the structure of the world, however, all of them have the same mandate:  to serve God, and to bring as many within the world to him as possible. 

The world of Luria was created with great power.  Once, long ago, that power was splintered and turned to evil; but God’s provision was already at hand.  The office of the Cavemage was created:  one mage with the power to stand against whatever evil might threaten the realm.  There is only one Cavemage per generation; if that mage is destroyed, then evil is able to grow unchecked. 

In the last generation, evil took power, and it was allowed to reign supreme.  The valiant efforts of a few have been able to hold it back; but without a Cavemage, the evil will continue to grow.  This generation’s Cavemage is Annie Magelight.  Though early come to her powers, she is more than capable of wielding them.  Her life has prepared her for the challenges that she is yet to face…if she discovers them in time. 


Young Adult / Christian Fantasy


There are countless worlds besides our own, many of which use magic.  One of those worlds is Luria, a world protected by magic and the power of the Cavemage.  This generation’s Cavemage has yet to come into her powers—but the time is coming.  Heir to the Caves, follows the journey of Annie Magelight as she learns what it means to be the Cavemage, and a true servant of God.



Young Adult / Christian Fantasy


Annie Magelight has always known that she was called by God to do great things.  At thirteen years old, she thinks she has years yet to grow into her power; but thanks to a miscast spell, the power of the Cavemage has come crashing down on her three years early.  The fate of Luria rests on her shoulders—and the Darkmage is all too determined to see her fail.


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Emily L. Goodman created her first fantasy world—the world that inspired the creation of Luria—when she was four.  She has been an avid reader since she was in elementary school, and her fascination with fantasy has remained unchanged over the years.  She is passionate about her faith in God, and has never seen any reason why those two things cannot be combined.  Emily firmly believes that truths can be taught through legend and story that will not be best accepted in any other way.


From the time she was in elementary school, Emily tried to put her stories down on paper.  Thankfully, she learned more than a few things about writing over the years. 


Emily, who is currently working as a substitute teacher, is actively involved with young people.  She enjoys volunteering with the Creative Kids program at her church, where children in first through fifth grade can enjoy creative expression through music, drama, and dance.  In her spare time, she reads everything she can get her hands on—particularly fantasy! 


A graduate of Maryville College, Emily lives in Maryville, Tennessee with her husband and two children.  She believes that God has called her to minister through her stories, and Heir to the Caves is the first step on that journey.