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Changing Ways

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Jean Edgar Benitz

Patricia Calder

Fran O'Hara Campbell

Leonard D'Agostino

Shane Joseph

Brian Mullally


Foreword – p. xi

Jean Edgar Benitz

Danger Is an Aphrodisiac – p. 35
The Lessons – p. 43

Patricia Calder

You'll Have to Change Yer Ways – p. 1
I'll Meet You on the Other Side of the Stars – p. 50
The Mirror – p. 80

Fran O'Hara Campbell

The Helpful Hats of Ryan Gray – p. 91
The Resting Place – p. 123
The Small Green Apple – p. 137

Leonard D'Agostino

Barrel Organ Boys – p. 93

Shane Joseph

Between Floors – p. 14
Revelations in Chile - Three Stages of Career Change – p. 149

Brian Mullally    

Pink Power – p. 26
Out of a Clear Blue Sky – p. 68
The Bush Hugger – p. 143


It may take a great leap of imagination to tease out what a contemplative former executive and a little green apple could have in common. Readers may also wonder how an indentured 19th century street musician can find a place between the same covers as a sensitive new-age guy pondering the merits of indiscriminate hugging. Yet they will find these and many other equally unlikely matches within these pages. Such seeming lack of congruity is not, however, just an accidental by-product of putting together an anthology. It is, rather, the result of each contributing writer’s contemplation of the same constant: that life and the world are locked in an endless dance of flux and change.

We adapt. Adaptation is our strength, our means of survival. Some overcome sorrows; some dream of bigger things; some simply draw the curtains. The contributors to Changing Ways did not have to think about this as they wrote. They are writers because they know and live this basic fact every day of their lives. It’s what brings them, their stories and you, the reader, together in the dance.
Jake Hogeterp

Author Biographical Sketches

Jean Edgar Benitz lived and worked, as a child and adult, across Canada.  She wrote, as part of her career, for the design business as well as for art magazines including, as exceptions, two articles published on The Facts and Arguments page of the Globe.  A tradition of storytelling in her family led her to writing.  When she retired with her husband to Northumberland  County, she turned to fiction, writing about people, their triumphs and disasters, and how they respond to them.

Patricia Calder’s life’s work has been the teaching of writing and journalism. She strives for integrity in her stories, looking for sub-tleties in human behaviour, and developing complex characters who are neither purely good nor totally bad. Photography, grandchildren, birds, reading, gardening, and politics are her other passions. Calder’s work has appeared in Outdoor Canada, His Magazine, The Toronto Sun, and CBC Radio Letters to the Editor.

Fran O’Hara Campbell is newly retired from a long and satisfying career in health care, and is pursuing her dream of becoming a writer. Many of her stories spring from a lifetime experience of the human condition. Her special passion is children’s stories. She and her husband Don live in Port Hope where they enjoy gardening, long walks, and visits with family and friends.

Leonard D’Agostino: As a Production Manager and Line Producer, I have had a lifetime of film production, planning, budgeting, and managing award winning international dramas and documentaries for the C.B.C. and independent producers, including Road to Avonlea, The National Dream, and Dieppe. I am presently adapting my grandfather’s autobiography, about a child street musician’s journey from Italy to Scotland in 1888, into a Young Adult Novel. Northumberland Publishers recently published one of my short stories entitled The Prosecco Proposal.

Shane Joseph is a graduate of the Humber School for Writers. His first novel, Redemption in Paradise, was published in 2004 and a first collection of short stories, Fringe Dwellers, in 2008. His short fiction has appeared in literary magazines in Canada, India and Sri Lanka. Shane lives in Cobourg, plays in a rock band, writes, and scoots off to visit one country for every year of his life.

Brian Mullally is the author of several novels, and has received a number of awards for his short stories. He and his artist wife live in Eastern Ontario, close to the north shore of Lake Ontario. Brian’s latest novel is entitled  If I Were A Blackbird. He is currently working on a new book called Children of Another War, and trying to assemble a collection of his short stories between frequent visits from his children.


Changing Ways presents the voices of six writers with diverse backgrounds. Each story teller offers his or her own perspective of the world. Some of the stories reflect contemporary life in Canada, others tell tales of far away places. A few dip deep into the past and offer a tiny window into the lives of those who lived before us. Changing Ways offers a treasury of tightly crafted prose that is romantic or sensual, humorous or poignant, even whimsical or downright mischievous. This anthology of short stories provides a unique mélange of life and love, played out before a variety of backdrops that is sure to delight the reader.

Changing Ways presents an anthology of six writers with six different points of view. Each narrator offers his or her own perspective of the world. Many of the stories reflect Canadian life, others tell of far away places. Others dip into the past, offering the reader a treasury of great reading.

Prospectors for great prose need look no further – here in Changing Ways is a wonderful anthology of six Canadian authors. A unique collection of stories written by six different authors, each tale told with gusto and humour offering an insight into Canadian life and faraway places Changing Ways is a repository of literary delights that will gratify the reader.

Thank you Shane Joseph

for taking on the task of
coordinating this anthology
and being the liaison between
the authors, editor and publisher.
Fine Job!!

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